Master of Social Work

Post Graduate Programmes

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Program Code 11202

Course Overview

  • Campus
  • Lucknow
  • Institute
  • Amity Institute of Liberal Arts, Lucknow
  • University
  • Amity University Uttar Pradesh
  • Program Code
  • 11202
  • Eligibility
  • Graduation

  • Duration
  • 2 years
  • 1st Year Non Sponsored Semester Fee (Rs. in Lacs)
  • 0.42
  • 1st Year Sponsored Semester Fee (Rs. in Lacs)
  • Fee Structure
  • Program Educational Objectives
  • Program Learning Outcomes
1st Year Non Sponsored Semester Fee (Rs. in Lacs) : 0.42
  • To impart education and training in professional social work in order to provide manpower in social welfare, development and allied fields capable of working at various levels of micro, mezzo and macro systems.
  • To help students develop knowledge, skills, attitudes and values appropriate to the practices of social work profession.
  • To enable students develop creative thinking and ability to apply theoretical knowledge in practice of social work.
  • To promote and support research and knowledge development to improve the effectiveness of social work practice, policies and programs.
  • To develop in students the capacity and capability for leadership in public and private social service agencies.
  • Define the understanding of the role and value of social work in different settings.
  • Describe and apply research knowledge and skills to undertake research congruent with social work values and ethics.
  • Demonstrate the knowledge of frameworks of critical analysis and reflective practice.
  • Analyse clear and coherent exposition of knowledge and ideas to a variety of audiences in both oral and written form.
  • Develop the professional approach with empathy in dealing with client groups.
  • Define the ability to think through, recognise and explain ethical issues, and act ethically.
  • Describe social work as a creative profession and its role in the contemporary human service industry.
  • Demonstrate the knowledge of developments in the global environment impacting upon wellbeing, social policy and on social work.
  • Justify both the potential for and the implications of information and communication technologies for social work practice and the delivery of human services.
  • Describe the ongoing engagement as an active participant in learning to advance knowledge of social work practice.

Course Structure

  • 1st Year

Semester 1

Course Title Course Type Credit L T PS SW Total Credits Syllabus
Social Case Work (PG) Core Courses 2 1 0 0 3.00 View
Social Welfare Administration (PG) Core Courses 3 1 0 0 4.00 View
Human Growth and Development Theories for Social Work (PG) Core Courses 2 1 0 0 3.00 View
Social Work - Concept and Development (PG) Core Courses 3 1 0 0 4.00 View
Concurrent Field work (PG) Non Teaching Credit Courses 0 0 0 0 5.00 View