M.Sc. (Applied Geology)

Post Graduate Programmes

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Program Code 10889

Course Overview

  • Campus
  • Noida
  • Institute
  • University
  • Amity University Uttar Pradesh
  • Program Code
  • 10889
  • Eligibility
  • B.Sc. (min 55%) with Geology as major subject and Physics / Chemistry / Mathematics / Biological Science as subsidiaries with Mathematics as one of the subjects at 10 + 2 level. 

  • Duration
  • 2 years
  • 1st Year Non Sponsored Semester Fee (Rs. in Lacs)
  • 0.32
  • 1st Year Sponsored Semester Fee (Rs. in Lacs)
  • 0.48
  • Fee Structure
  • Program Educational Objectives
  • Program Learning Outcomes
1st Year Non Sponsored Semester Fee (Rs. in Lacs) : 0.32
1st Year Sponsored Semester Fee (Rs. in Lacs) : 0.48
  • 1. Students will gain knowledge and experience in the application of geological principles to the investigation of mineral resources and other resources of earth. 2. Students will possess the fundamental skills associated with geological project management, supervision, and decision-making processes. 3. Students will demonstrate the ability to correctly interpret geologic maps. 4. Students will demonstrate ability to interpret and map the geological features from satellite data. 5.Students will demonstrate the ability to identify and explain the formation of a rock suites, ore deposits, structures and rock-forming minerals. 6.Students will perform competently in professional practice in the areas of 7. Students shall show the ability to identify the geological problems and to implement appropriate solutions. 8. Students shall show abilities of good teamwork and leadership practices.
  • The attainment of geo-scientific knowledge with the understanding of natural resources and its sustainability in the long terms towards a synergetic growth.
  • Ability to discuss and identify geological/geotechnical problems within academic fields covered by the program curriculum and able to describe and critically analysis the existing or future strategies and policies within an organisation or at a community level.
  • Students will be able to learn to duplicate and reproduce various software’s, indices which aim at recognizing and mitigating geological issues with help of geochemical/geophysical and geotechnical assessments.
  • Develop analysis skills to measure, experiment, plan, and recommend mitigation technologies on air, water, sewerage, soil, and waste on a scientific basis.
  • Students will be able to appreciate and demonstrate effective communicational and behavioral skills and illustrate ethics and professional conduct.
  • Develop skills and knowledge of social, economic, legal and management processes, and skills that prepare them to work in multidisciplinary teams.
  • Propose and prepare the guidelines for exploration and mining practices along with conservation of habitat and society within the limitations of constitution
  • Demonstrate the ability to accomplish task pertaining to schemes and methods of description/screening/mapping, analysis of impact/assessment, setting priorities, monitoring, auditing and management in proximity of mining/exploration/tunneling factors.
  • The application of learning in multidisciplinary perspective, compare the theoretical knowledge to organize research with relevant methodologies.
  • Students will be able to critically evaluate and interpret the learning and results in practical applications of geosciences.
  • Designing and implementing various strategies to spread awareness about geology across high school level to purse the same in UG.
  • Analyze various problems, and to use expertise to plan and execute solutions to various geoscience problems and hazard related to exploration management.

Course Structure

  • 1st Year

Semester 1

Course Title Course Type Credit L T PS SW Total Credits Syllabus
Fundamentals of Computers (PG) Core Courses 2 0 4 0 4.00 View
Geological Field Survey (PG) Core Courses 0 0 0 6 3.00 View
Geomorphology and Remote Sensing (PG) Core Courses 2 0 2 0 3.00 View
Mineralogy (PG) Core Courses 3 0 2 0 4.00 View
Geostatistics (PG) Allied Courses 3 1 0 0 4.00 View
Stratigraphy & Palaeontology (PG) Core Courses 3 1 0 0 4.00 View