Diploma in Elementary Education

Graduate Programmes

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Program Code 101202

Course Overview

  • Campus
  • Noida
  • Institute
  • Amity Institute of Behavioural & Allied Science
  • University
  • Amity University Uttar Pradesh
  • Program Code
  • 101202
  • Eligibility
  • 50% in 10+2 including one language (English / Hindi)

    Aggregate percentage will be calculated on the basis of marks scored in English and three academic subjects. Student should have passed all the subjects of class XII from a recognized board.




  • Duration
  • 2 years
  • 1st Year Non Sponsored Semester Fee (Rs. in Lacs)
  • 0.32
  • 1st Year Sponsored Semester Fee (Rs. in Lacs)
  • 0.48
  • Fee Structure
  • Program Educational Objectives
  • Program Learning Outcomes
1st Year Non Sponsored Semester Fee (Rs. in Lacs) : 0.32
1st Year Sponsored Semester Fee (Rs. in Lacs) : 0.48
  • Students shall develop practical knowledge of the application of the educational Psychology in their classroom
  • Students shall integrate theory & teaching practice, in making effective decisions at the professional level
  • Students shall apply and demonstrate innovative ideas at their work place
  • Students shall identify appropriate use of teaching skills & techniques to make the classroom interactive
  • Students shall demonstrate effective communication and behavioural skills that support and enhance Educational effectiveness in the classroom
  • Students shall demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills and leadership qualities
  • Students shall develop and illustrate interest and competency for knowledge acquisition in life-long learning
  • Students shall act ethically and responsibly in their Professional life as well as in the society
  • Students shall critically evaluate and reflect learning and development throughout their career
  • Apply core teaching skills and innovative methods in teaching
  • Execute educational theories in classroom
  • Develop teaching strategies using ICT and transfer them in classroom teaching
  • Reproduce effective teaching using various skills
  • Demonstrate effective communication in and outside classroom including in one foreign language
  • Generate positive attitude that enhance teaching and develop leadership quality
  • Develop and use effective curriculum transaction strategies which meet the global standard
  • Recognize and value ethical considerations relevant to teaching
  • Comprehend content knowledge for employability
  • Analyse and reflect on learning and development throughout their career

Course Structure

  • 1st Year

Semester 1

Course Title Course Type Credit L T PS SW Total Credits Syllabus
Technology and Quality in Education (UG) Core Courses 2 1 0 0 3.00 View
School Experience for Elementary Teachers- I (UG) Core Courses 1 1 2 0 3.00 View
Basic Concepts of Education (UG) Core Courses 3 0 0 0 3.00 View
Child Development (UG) Core Courses 3 1 0 0 4.00 View