MBA (Business Intelligence and Data Analytics)

Post Graduate Programmes

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Program Code 101287

Course Overview

  • Campus
  • Noida
  • Institute
  • Amity International Business School
  • University
  • Amity University Uttar Pradesh
  • Program Code
  • 101287
  • Eligibility
  • NS (Non Sponsored)/ S (Sponsored) /NRI / Foreign / CS (Company Sponsored) category - Min 50% marks in B.E./B. Tech or Graduation in Mathematics/Statistics/Science/Computer Science/Computer Applications/Data Science/Information Technology/Information Science or an equivalent qualification in any discipline 


  • Duration
  • 2 years
  • 1st Year Non Sponsored Semester Fee (Rs. in Lacs)
  • 3.160
  • 1st Year Sponsored Semester Fee (Rs. in Lacs)
  • 4.74
  • Fee Structure
  • Program Educational Objectives
  • Program Learning Outcomes
1st Year Non Sponsored Semester Fee (Rs. in Lacs) : 3.160
1st Year Sponsored Semester Fee (Rs. in Lacs) : 4.74
  • The students shall have the ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, science, computing and engineering for research, design and development of novel products and solutions as an individual/ member of a team/ leader in diverse teams and as an entrepreneur.
  • The students will be able to practice professional ethics and academic integrity and demonstrate these as an individual/ team member/ leader in diverse teams.
  • Students will be able to demonstrate professional attitudes, effective communication and behavioral skills and sustain effective performance in the professional/entrepreneurial careers.
  • The student will have the ability to support and practice independent and life-long learning for professional development./entrepreneurial careers.
  • MBA with the concentration in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics (BIDA) is to accommodate the growing demand in the marketplace of the professionals with abilities to analyze the data and support the decision-making processes in Business. Students of the Management Programme will think independently, analytically through the process of research and inquiry while making effective decisions in global environment.
  • Students shall be able to interpret and analyze various subjects of management domain with special focus in the area of BIDA
  • Students shall be able to describe and analyse knowledge driven capabilities through extensive research work with a special focus on identification, defining, investigating and solving latent and manifested problems.
  • Students shall be able to apply technologies appropriately, developing and demonstrating capabilities to process information with the help of IT driven analytics for effective decision making.
  • Students shall be able to develop ability to identify and formulate strategies to discover apparent and latent problems and finding research driven solutions to address stated and tacit issues.
  • Students shall be able to compose and practice communicate skills proficiently, in oral, written, presentation, information searching and listening in the management profession in global /cross cultural environment.
  • Students shall be able to develop range of Leadership skills and shall demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills, understanding of group dynamics and effective teamwork, including an awareness of personal strengths and limitations.
  • Students shall be able to summarise, Interpret and explain conversations in selected Foreign language for basic social & informal business interactions and to be able to identify and illustrate global issues from different perspectives, Learning from and respecting different cultures.
  • Students shall be able to describe and analyse knowledge driven capabilities through extensive research work with a special focus on identification, defining, investigating and solving latent and manifested problems.
  • Students shall be able to create a sustainable business model through creative and innovative thinking.
  • Students shall be able to develop competency to define, apply and interpret knowledge on one's own, through Newspapers/ Business Magazines/ Library/ Databases/ Internet for knowledge assimilation, creation, dissemination for life-long learning.
  • develop decision making capabilities and abilities, considering global dynamism and building multiple scenarios
  • Ability to use Social Networking Skills for business professional use
  • The student shall acquire management concepts, its principles and critical understanding of organizational environment problems and its application to the world of work.
  • The student shall demonstrate Commitment to a continued and independent learning for collaborative intellectual development in business management applications.
  • The student shall recognise the extent and the sources of information needed to analyse and evaluate business issues using quantitative and qualitative research techniques and develop effective solutions to complex business problems.
  • The student shall explore the applications of technological advancements in capturing information from various sources, use contemporary technologies to access and manage information, understand values and boundary in acknowledging the use of collected information and technological skills in Business decision making.
  • The student shall formulate critical and independent thinking and judgement in response to unfamiliar complex management problems while analysing and synthesizing effective solutions.
  • The student shall develop effective Listening and negotiation skills while communicating clearly, confidently and responding proactively.
  • The student shall synthesize creativity and Innovative solutions to critical management issues through reflective thinking.
  • The student shall demonstrate analytical skill through critical evaluation and interpretation of available data for effective decision making.
  • The student shall demonstrate expression of values and trust in empowering team members, building confidence to participate in complex organizational situations, strive for Self-management skills, encourage intellectual autonomy to meet challenges and synthesise personal goals and organizational objectives.
  • The student shall develop skills to work effectively and responsibly in a global context, analyse business issues from local, national, and international concerns, gain cross cultural knowledge for developing adaptability, valuing human diversity in resolving complex management situations.
  • The student shall demonstrate ethical behaviours and strive for truth, honesty, integrity, fairness, and generosity in professional life, reducing personal bias, and learn to appreciate diversity and equality.
  • The student shall acquire networking skills in competitive business environment and shall understand, use, appreciate and acknowledge emotions in managing challenging situations.
  • The student shall define their career aspirations and work towards achieving the same by engaging in developing appropriate skills and competencies in their chosen profession (corporate career, student start up, family business, higher education etc.).
  • The student shall reflect confidence and commitment for lifelong learning of management principles and its applications in stakeholder value creation.
  • The student shall evaluate the implications of managerial decisions in context of Environmental, social and Corporate Governance (ESG) in creating sustainable business.

Course Structure

  • 1st Year

Semester 1

Course Title Course Type Credit L T PS SW Total Credits Syllabus
Accounting for Managers (PG) Core Courses 3 0 0 0 3.00 View
Introduction to R Programming (PG) Core Courses 0 0 0 0 0.00 View
Applications of Disruptive Technologies in Business (PG) Core Courses 0 0 0 0 0.00 View
Managerial Economics (PG) Core Courses 3 0 0 0 3.00 View
Organizational Behavior (PG) Core Courses 2 0 0 0 2.00 View
Marketing Management (PG) Core Courses 2 0 0 0 2.00 View
Statistics for Management (PG) Core Courses 3 0 0 0 3.00 View