B.Com. (Hons)

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Program Code 16046

Course Overview

  • Campus
  • Greater Noida
  • Institute
  • Amity College of Commerce & Finance, AUGN
  • University
  • Amity University Uttar Pradesh
  • Program Code
  • 16046
  • Eligibility
  • 10 + 2 min. 65% for Non Spon,  10 + 2 min. 60% for Spon Category

  • Duration
  • 3 years
  • 1st Year Non Sponsored Semester Fee (Rs. in Lacs)
  • 0.65
  • 1st Year Sponsored Semester Fee (Rs. in Lacs)
  • 1.00
  • Fee Structure
  • Program Educational Objectives
  • Program Learning Outcomes
1st Year Non Sponsored Semester Fee (Rs. in Lacs) : 0.65
1st Year Sponsored Semester Fee (Rs. in Lacs) : 1.00
  • Students will demonstrate experiential knowledge of the application of accounting, financial management, taxation, auditing in their professional work setting.
  • Students will integrate theory and practice, as well as expertise across functional areas in making effective decisions by understanding the concepts, theories, techniques, regulations & advancements in the field of accounting & finance.
  • Students will comprehend the basic concept of mathematical, statistical and research tools to solve business problems using computerized accounting system and data analysis.
  • Students will identify the industry perspective for of accounting and financial management - when and how to use assertiveness and influential skills.
  • Students will apply networking and effective communication skills in competitive businesses to negotiate financial, accounting and management deals.
  • Students will develop positive perspectives and skills to inculcate creativity and life-long learning to strategize and plan for business development.
  • Students will act ethically in business activities.
  • Student will apply decision making techniques in general business practices involving accounting and financial management.
  • Demonstrate knowledge, application of management principles, theories and concepts in a professional work environment.
  • Demonstrate research skills for identifying and analyzing problems to develop appropriate solutions and strategies to meet the business needs in competitive environment.
  • Develop and sustain effective performance by leveraging Information and Technological competencies in the given management framework.
  • Use behavioral and communication skills for managing and leading teams in diverse business settings to achieve organizational goals.
  • Evaluate the cross-cultural dynamics and competitive imperatives in managing businesses in diverse global environment.
  • Demonstrate the knowledge , skills and attitude to pursue higher education or gainful Employment in Industry or start their own ventures.
  • Develop habit of lifelong learning by engaging beyond classroom activities such as independent experiential learning, research, enquiry and networking.
  • Practice highest standards of ethical, professional conduct and demonstrate sensitivity towards environment and be socially responsible.
  • The student should on building unrivalled experience through flexible learning approach to enhance the opportunity of employability.
  • The student will able to demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of accounting, finance, auditing, management and learn to apply the concepts, theories, techniques, regulation & advancements in the field of accounting & finance in national & international business environment.
  • The student will be able to comprehend the basic concepts of mathematical, statistical and research tools using data analysis / financial models and computerized accounting system.
  • The student will able to understand the usage & application of digital tools and comprehend financial networks in competitive business environment.
  • The student will able to exhibit creativity, independent thinking, generate new business ideas, plans, strategies etc. to respond effectively to various business scenarios.
  • The student will be able to apply managerial skills, communicate proficiently in oral, written presentation and listening skills in global environment.
  • The student will able to exhibit management, team building & leadership skills to encourage individual thinking to become a successful accounting and finance professional.
  • Student will be able to understand global trade, tax and legal issues in order to recognize opportunities worldwide by applying different forms of communication in cultural diversity
  • The student will able to exhibit ethical values & considerations in accounts, finance, investment dealings and decisions.
  • The student will be able to develop large and small profit and non-profit organization by setting high standards and enhance skills for commercial and financial management.
  • The student will able to understand the significance of learning, self-initiative and self-directedness to recognize the need for life-long learning for productive employment.
  • Student will be able to demonstrate rigorous and independent thinking and encourage participatory decision making in teams.
  • Student will be able to understand the importance of networks in competitive business.
  • The student shall acquire management concepts, its principles and critical understanding of organizational environment problems and its application to the world of work.
  • The student shall demonstrate Commitment to a continued and independent learning for collaborative intellectual development in business management applications.
  • The student shall recognise the extent and the sources of information needed to analyse and evaluate business issues using quantitative and qualitative research techniques and develop effective solutions to complex business problems.
  • The student shall explore the applications of technological advancements in capturing information from various sources, use contemporary technologies to access and manage information, understand values and boundary in acknowledging the use of collected information and technological skills in Business decision making.
  • The student shall formulate critical and independent thinking and judgement in response to unfamiliar complex management problems while analysing and synthesizing effective solutions.
  • The student shall develop effective Listening and negotiation skills while communicating clearly, confidently and responding proactively.
  • The student shall synthesize creativity and Innovative solutions to critical management issues through reflective thinking.
  • The student shall demonstrate analytical skill through critical evaluation and interpretation of available data for effective decision making.
  • The student shall demonstrate expression of values and trust in empowering team members, building confidence to participate in complex organizational situations, strive for Self-management skills, encourage intellectual autonomy to meet challenges and synthesise personal goals and organizational objectives.
  • The student shall develop skills to work effectively and responsibly in a global context, analyse business issues from local, national, and international concerns, gain cross cultural knowledge for developing adaptability, valuing human diversity in resolving complex management situations.
  • The student shall demonstrate ethical behaviours and strive for truth, honesty, integrity, fairness, and generosity in professional life, reducing personal bias, and learn to appreciate diversity and equality.
  • The student shall acquire networking skills in competitive business environment and shall understand, use, appreciate and acknowledge emotions in managing challenging situations.
  • The student shall define their career aspirations and work towards achieving the same by engaging in developing appropriate skills and competencies in their chosen profession (corporate career, student start up, family business, higher education etc.).
  • The student shall reflect confidence and commitment for lifelong learning of management principles and its applications in stakeholder value creation.
  • The student shall evaluate the implications of managerial decisions in context of Environmental, social and Corporate Governance (ESG) in creating sustainable business.

Course Structure

  • 1st Year

Semester 1

Course Title Course Type Credit L T PS SW Total Credits Syllabus
Fundamentals of Environmental Studies (UG) Minor III - Co-curricular Courses 0 1 0 0 2.00 View
Public Relations and Corporate Image (UG) Minor II - Vocational Courses /SKE courses/Industry Specific Courses 2 0 0 0 3.00 View
Introduction to Computer Applications (UG) Discipline I (Major I) 4 0 2 0 6.00 View
Business Organisation (UG) Discipline I (Major I) 5 0 0 0 6.00 View
Statistics of Business (UG) Discipline I (Major I) 0 0 0 0 0.00 View