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The course structure and examination are normally based on semester System. However, the Academic Council may approve Trimester/Annual system for specified programmes.

In addition to End Term Examinations, which carry weightage of 70%, student is evaluated continuously for his academic performance in a course through case discussion/presentation/analysis, practicals, homework assignments, term papers, projects, field work, seminars, quizzes, class tests or any other mode as may be prescribed in the syllabi. The Internal Assessment carries weightage of 30%. The basic structure of each academic programme is prescribed by the Board of Studies and approved by the Academic Council.

Depending upon the nature of the programme, the components in Internal Assessment may vary.

Each course has a number of credits assigned to it depending upon the academic load of the course which is assessed on the basis of weekly contact hours of lecture, tutorials and laboratory classes, field study and / or self-study. The credits for the project and the dissertation are based on the quantum of work expected.

The project and dissertation are evaluated by Board of Examiners through seminar(s), presentation(s), report submission(s) and the viva voce examination.

The University is following grading system on a ten point scale

(A+=10, A=9, A- =8, B+=7, B=6, B-=5, C+=4, C=3 and F=0)

For successful completion of a course unit, student must score C+ grade (Grade point4) and also a minimum of 30% marks in End Term Examination and 35% for UG and 40% for PG in aggregate for each course. For successful completion of a Semester the student should secure minimum SGPA of 4.5 for UG and 5 for PG programmes. For successful completion of a programme, the student should secure a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 5.0 at the end of final year for Under Graduate programme and 6.0 at the end of Post Graduate Programme.