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1. AIFSIodine based fingerprint powder for developing latent fingerprints M/s Pyramid Cyber Security & Forensic Pvt. Ltd. The present invention discloses a noninvasive/non-destructive method for developing latent/invisible finger prints and composition for the same. The composition comprises of iodine and sand particles in an equal ratio. The fingerprint powder of this definite composition causes instant development of the film. The presence of sand particles slows down the sublimation of iodine and makes the print visible for longer period of time.
2. AIHRSA novel composition for the preparation of herbal mosquito repellent and the process thereof M/s Tarini Herbal Company The present invention discloses a novel composition for herbal mosquito repellent and process for the preparation of the same which repels mosquitoes, has a pleasant fragrance, and a long lasting effect. The herbal mosquito repellent comprise base materials that contain herbal ingredients that are safe and effective, pleasantly perfumed, do not irritate the skin and effectively repel mosquitoes. The herbal mosquito repellent essentially comprises extracts obtained by a process from aerial parts of Myxopyrum smilacifolia (Chaturamulla). The extracts are processed with suitable natural carrier base and can be used in the form of coils, incense sticks, lotion and ointments. The herbal mosquito repellent has no side effects and is suitable for external application.
3. AIARS A novel room temperature, low cost, alarm based LPG sensor Realty Automation & Security Systems Pvt. Ltd A novel room temperature gas sensor for detection and quantification of flammable Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is provided by using activated carbon film as sensing film which can detect and quantify a dynamic range from 40ppm to 1000ppm at ambient temperature/condition. The sensor is highly sensitive, stable, has fast response time (~30 sec) and degassing time (~1 minute). In addition, its low cost fabrication, and portability adds to the advantage of using this sensor for real time application.
4.AIPP Noval extraction procedure for dark colored herbals. Shubh Laxmi Industries The invention relates to a novel, safe and eco-friendly method for preparing herbal colour compositions for cosmetic and food applications. The herbal compositions contains colorants extracted from plants like rhizome of Curcuma longa, leaves of Hibiscus rosasinensis and seeds of Bixa orellana and binding agents from Cassia tora, Cassia grandis and Sesbania bispinosa for use in food and cosmetic application.
5.AIARS A Rechargeable Battery System from Waste Material M/s Welspun Energy Pvt. Ltd. The present invention relates to the method for the preparation of a rechargeable battery from the waste material including wood ash and discarded activated carbon cylinder of water purifier based battery and also comprises aluminium anode, amorphous carbon with graphite as a cathode and wood ash mixed with water in 2:1 ratio as an electrolyte. The application of the rechargeable battery can be used for mobile charging / lighting source or for other general purposes. 8 lacs with 2% Royalty Development of Sensor is under process