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Quality Assurance & Enhancement

The University has a dedicated set up for Quality Management. Quality Assurance and Enhancement cell is functional in the University.

  • Building Corporate Management Information such as establishing the University's information reporting strategy, managing a corporate wide application environment for reporting tools and managing a comprehensive and consistent enterprise data resource that meets the management information needs of the university.
  • To support Quality and Planning by providing statistics and undertaking data analysis, data modelling and institutional research to support strategic decision making and corporate planning including Academic Planning, Research Planning, Industry Centric Planning, Students Activities Planning, Budgeting, Competitive Positioning, Quality Improvement Processes and related strategic activities.
  • To manage the Evaluation Framework, administer all of the University's corporate surveys in accordance with relevant framework and undertake analysis to support improvement of many facets of the University.
  • To manage the student & staff statistical collections and to provide advice to the University community on Government legislation and policy related to higher education, administration and funding.
Setting New Benchmarks

Right from the inception of Amity University, Quality Assurance & Enhancement has been a thrust area. A team of experienced professionals ensures that the best systems are implemented in all departments and all areas of the University.

Mr. Flemming Norklit, Managing Director, BSI Management Systems (Global) giving ISO certificates to Mr. Atul Chauhan, Chancellor, Amity University and Maj. Gen. K. Jai Singh, Group Vice Chancellor, Amity University

This division also monitors the implementation and continuous improvements of both academic and non-academic processes and procedures.

Benefits of Quality Certifications

  • All institutions of Amity University have been brought on a common platform
  • Better synergy, positive responses and better communications established across institutions of AUUP
  • Strong audit network of more than 100 Auditors
  • All systems analysed and processes have been implemented and audited through a three stage audit system involving internal and external audit agencies
  • Effective monitoring and handling of student related concerns, through an automated complaint management system
  • Improvement in attendance, leading to reduction in debarred cases
  • Curricula delivered as per planned time table
  • Time between exam and result declaration reduced
  • Establishment of strong quality support network in the form of internal Quality Assurance Cell in each institution

Quality is the common denominator in everything we aspire to do. That is why Amity is the first University in India to get ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, ISO 22000 & ISO 50001 Certifications.

Dr. B.B. Singh

Quality Assurance & Enhancement