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Personality Development

Enhancing Confidence to Stay Ahead

Personality Development is a great focus area at Amity University because a great percentage of success in life depends on a person’s confidence and personality.

To help students in personal grooming, special sessions are held on business etiquettes, negotiation skills and effective communication.

Besides this, students are also given English diction classes to excel in interviews.


Making You a True Leader

A 7-day compulsory Military Training Camp is an integral part of the personality development module at Amity.

Students get to participate in many activities such as parasailing, trekking, and shooting amongst others which help in testing their mental and physical agility.

Foreign Languages

The Linguistic Advantage

Amity provides an international perspective to the students through the international language programs.

The foreign language course has been integrated into the curriculum. The students currently learn French language.

Foreign Languages


Pre-placement Training in the form of Mock Interviews and GDs are a regular feature of teaching at AUMP.

PPT sessions are assigned to the outgoing batch in the Academic Timetable and thereafter the students are trained for optimum performance in placement interviews. After preliminary sessions on grooming, non-verbal communication, and corporate etiquette, mock PIs are held for each student. The panel in such cases comprises two domain faculty members and one soft skills trainer. All the mock PIs are recorded with the help of ASCO Dept. Subsequently these are used for feedback and counseling.

The Pre-placement Training has been extremely successful as is reflected in the exemplary placement record of the young university.

Values and Ethics

Values & Ethics

101 Attributes of an Amitian

Amity is committed to inculcating values, ethics and sanskars in all Amitians.

A booklet called 101 Attributes of Amitians is given as a part of induction to all students admitted to AUMP. Practicing these values and living by ethics is an integral part of life at Amity. Values like Truthfulness, Honesty, Loyalty, Discipline and Respect are actively inculcated and practiced.

With the same end in view a well framed Amity Code of Conduct is displayed all over the campus and Behavioral Science is taught to all the students of all the courses throughout the University. These classes include community service and giving back to the society.


Expert Personal & Professional Advice

Amity believes that each student should be happy, and enjoy his/her stay on the campus. To achieve this goal, trained counselors have been appointed to provide prompt assistance on issues related to health and emotional wellness.

The Counsellors address the students’ needs through one-on-one counselling. They help the students build confidence, optimism, hope and resilience.


The students can seek the services of the Counselors on their own. At times, they are referred by faculty members when they notice sudden changes in the academic performance of students, withdrawal from others, inexplicable changes in behavior etc.

Mentor-Mentee System

Mentor-Mentee System

An important and significant feature of Amity is the Mentor-Mentee System. As part of this, each student who joins the University is assigned a Faculty member who works as the mentor of the student till the student passes out.

The objective of mentoring is to recognize the potential of students and help improve their self-esteem and confidence. One hour is fixed every week for the students to come and meet the mentor, and share his/her problems/difficulties which may be both academic and personal. Each student, under this system, can pace his/her learning.