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Committee for Promotion of Innovation and Startup

With the approval of the Competent Authority under "Policy Guidelines for Promotion for Innovation and Startup" the following Committee has been constituted and notified earlier (vide Notification No. AUUP/Other Committees/247/2021 dated 2nd July 2021) is as per the mandate of the policy to formulate and measure the Key Performance Indicators is updated as under:

Prof. (Dr.) Balvinder Shukla,
Vice Chancellor, Amity University Uttar Pradesh
Dr W Selvamurthy
DG, ADSI & President ASTIF
Dr. Sujit Banerjee,
Director, NSCTC, DST
External Member
Dr. Rajiv Sharma,
Prof. (Dr.) Nidhee Chaudhary
Head, Centre for Biotechnology & Biochemical Engineering
Prof. (Dr.) K.M. Soni
Dy. Dean, Engineering & Technology
Dr. Smita Sahu,
Head IPR Cell
Dr. Dilip J. Upadhyaya,
Director, DITT
Prof. (Dr.) R. S. Rai,
Director, RPSS
Co-opted Member
Prof. (Dr.) Sujata Pandey,
Member Secretary

Roles & Responsibilities of the committee are as under:

  1. To prepare and monitor the successful implementation of Innovation and Startup Policy
  2. To oversee and coordinate the University's innovation and entrepreneurship pipeline
  3. To ensure the implementation of successful educational programs in Innovation and entrepreneurship
  4. To resolve dispute arises during implementation of the policy.

The tenure of the committee will be of three years.