The Academic Council

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In terms of provisions contained in Section 23 (3) of Uttar Pradesh Private Universities Act, 2019 and 4 D (a) of Statutes the Composition of the Academic Council of the University is constituted with the approval of the Competent Authority is as under:

Prof (Dr) Balvinder Shukla Vice Chancellor, AUUP Chairperson (Ex-officio)
Prof. (Dr.) Fazal Malik Pro Vice Chancellor, Dubai Campus The Pro Vice Chancellors (Ex-officio)
Prof. (Dr.) Santosh Shriram Sonavane, Dean, Academic
Prof. (Dr.) Bhudev C Das Dean, Faculty of Health & Allied Sciences
Prof. (Dr.) Alpana Kakkar Dean, Student Support and Academic Affairs
Prof. (Dr.) Sanjeev Bansal Dean of Faculty of Management Studies
Prof. (Dr.) M. Sajnani Dean Faculty of Hospitality & Tourism
Prof. (Dr.) Sunita Rattan Dean Faculty of Science & Technology
Prof. (Dr.) Sujata Khandai Dy. Dean (Academics)
Prof. (Dr.) Pradeep Joshi Dean, Faculty of Fine Arts/Performing Arts/Visual Arts/Applied Arts & Director, ASFA, ASFT & ASPA
Prof. (Dr.) Jayanti Pujari Dean Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences & Director, AIRS
Prof. (Dr.) M K Pandey Jt. Head, ASET
Prof. (Dr.) V K Modi Head, AIFT
Prof. (Dr.) Nirupama Prakash Director, AISS
Prof. (Dr.) K M Soni Dy. Dean, Domain Engineering & Technology & Advisor, ASAP & ASD
Prof. (Dr.) R S Rai Director, RP&SS
Prof (Dr) Sunil Kumar Khatri Director, Dean Research AUUP
Dr Subhash Chand Deptt of Biotechnology, IIT, Delhi
Prof (Dr) Anil Kumar Director, ASET, Lucknow
Prof. (Dr.) Amit Hajela Director, ASAP
Prof. (Dr.) B.N. Mallick Director, AINN
Prof. (Dr.) Deepshikha Pande Katare Asst. Director & Head Centre for Medical Biotechnology & AIB
Dr. B L Arya Registrar - Secretary (Ex-officio)


The Powers and functions of the Academic Council shall be as defined in Section 26 (1) of the Act and 4 D (h) of the Statutes.