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Outcome Based Education System

Each Programme has well defined Programme Learning Outcomes (PLOs) which in turn are aligned to the Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs).

Amity University is committed to provide holistic and outcome-based quality education. It imparts knowledge, competencies, skills, values, and attitudes by emphasizing on multidisciplinary/interdisciplinary education for the development of students into well-rounded individuals. Salient features of Education 4.0, UGC Quality Mandate 2019- Learning Outcomes Curriculum Framework (LOCF) & Evaluation Reforms, NEP2020, UGC XIIth plan, UPHED (Uttar Pradesh Higher Education Department) at national level and State level has been deliberated and implemented to have strong process-oriented sustainable industry led Outcome Based Education.

Based on the recommendations of Future Skills and Industry trends to identify new competencies and skills, feedbacks from external reviewers such as industry guides, external examiners, esteemed members of Board of Studies and Industry Advisory Board, Graduate Attributes are well-designed and benchmarked with reputed national/international institutions/Universities (http://auup.amity.edu/academic-University-Graduate-Attributes.aspx). It is documented in an elaborate Outcome Assessment plan which establishes and monitor appropriate measures of student learning and involvement of faculty to continually improve the quality of student experiences and learning.

Outcome assessment plan is a systematic continuous evaluative process that is implemented to secure learning experiences that are congruent with original goals and objectives; thereby providing a basis for the effectiveness and continuous quality improvement of the academic unit. Outcome Assessment Plan is a process for measuring and improving the overall performance and effectiveness of an academic business unit in its entire range of activities and operations. The outcome assessment plan is comprehensive in nature and encompasses the following key content areas:

A. Strategic Assessment

B. Student Learning Outcome Assessment

C. Operational Outcome Assessment

D. Linkage of Outcome Assessment with Strategic Planning and Budgeting

Section Description Parameters
I Strategic Assessment Mission and Broad-Based Goals
  • Broad-Based Operational Goals
II Student Learning Outcome Assessment  
  • Intended Student Learning Outcomes
  • Assessment Tools for Intended Student Learning Outcomes
  • Direct Measures of Student Learning:
Assessment Tools for Intended Student Learning Outcomes
  • Indirect Measures of Student Learning
Mapping of Intended Student Learning Outcomes to Broad-Based Student Learning Goals
Mapping of Direct Assessment Measures to Key Learning Outcomes
III Operational Outcome Assessment  
  • Intended Operational Outcomes
  • Assessment Measures for Intended Operational Outcomes
  • Criteria for Operational Assessment Measures
Mapping of Intended Operational Outcomes to Broad-Based Operational Goals
IV Linkage of Outcomes Assessment with Strategic Planning  
  • Reviews the current status of the yearly plan, and updates and revises the plan as deemed appropriate.
  • Conducts a variety of external and internal environment analyses for the purpose of identifying areas for improvement.
  • Developing strategies and action plans for improvements that are consistent with and contribute to the University’s strategic initiatives.
  • Reviews the Assessment and Planning Reports from all functional units of the University and prioritizes their action plans and budget requests for implementation.