Under Section 23 (10) of the Uttar Pradesh Private University Act, 2019 and 4. G. (a)(v) of Amity University Statutes the Fee Committee is the Authority of the University.

The power and functions of the Fee Committee as laid down in the Ordinance and Regulations of the University.

  • President of the Sponsoring Body - Chairperson
  • Vice Chancellor
  • Pro Vice Chancellor(s)
  • A Nominee of the Sponsoring Body
  • One Dean to be nominated by the Vice Chancellor
  • Registrar or his Nominee
  • Treasurer - Secretary

The recommendations of the Fee Committee shall be considered for approval by the Executive Council including a reasonable and rational yearly escalation of fee.

The Fee Committee shall review the escalation and the levels of fee every three years or earlier if necessary and recommend any changes in the fee structure as appropriate.