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Information Policy Committee

With the approval of Competent Authority, the Committee for Information Policy is as under:

(i) Prof. (Dr.) J S Sodhi Chairman
(ii) Prof. (Dr.) K M Soni Member
(iii) Director, Admissions Member
(iv) Brig. (Dr.) Anand Kumar Tewari Member
(v) Mr. Senthil Kumar Member
(vi) Prof. (Dr.) Manoj Kumar Pandey Member
(vii) Dr. R S Rai Member
(viii) Dr. Sujit Kumar Prasad Member
(ix) Dr. Tanu Arora Member
(x) Ms. Asha Premnath Member Secretary

The Committee will looked into the procedure for users to comply with I.T. information security as laid down in G-79 Guidelines for Information Security.

The Committee will also look into the users using IT infrastructure of Amity University Uttar Pradesh and its campuses are required to comply with the I.T. Information Security Policy and submit its recommendation to the Competent Authority for the approval.

The tenure of the Members of the Committee will be two years.

One-half of the members of the Committee, including the Chairperson, shall constitute the quorum at a meeting.