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University Objectives

# Broad Based Goals Strategic Initiatives
1 Educational Excellence
  • Create and sustain a culture that supports teaching excellence and focus on outcome based education system
  • Promote the use of variety of modern mechanisms and appropriate new technologies and methodologies in teaching learning process
  • Focus on developing students skills and competencies by imparting high quality education and enhance employability
  • Incorporate feedback of all stakeholders for course curriculum development/ review.
  • To offer the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) in the academic curriculum and develop an instructional package to suit the needs of students and keep pace with worldwide developments in higher education
2 Holistic Development of Students
  • Ensure teaching learning environment that is learner-centered and holistic, challenging students to utilize all levels of cognition, and to develop intellectually, socially and ethically.
  • Provide high quality education to prepare students for further study, research and for a wide range of career opportunities in industry, Government, Academia and other
  • Relate fundamental concepts and class room teaching to practical applications, and provide students with the necessary skills to function as responsible professionals
  • To take the students out of isolated compartmentalized learning environment by providing ample options to choose interdisciplinary courses and develop additional skills as per their interest and career aspirations.
  • To prepare students to succeed professionally and personally, to embrace a commitment to lifelong learning, and to become informed, engaged, and productive citizens
  • To develop digitally literate students who can use technology strategically to find and evaluate information, connect and collaborate with others, produce and share original content, and use the Internet and technology tools to achieve many academic, professional, and personal goals.
  • To facilitate the integration of research and inquiry into the curriculum and move towards developing students as knowledge producers
3 Innovation & Research Excellence
  • Maintain and strengthen the core infrastructures, state-of-the-art facilities and an excellent pool of human resources to stimulate the intellectual participation of students in research
  •  To formulate a truly comprehensive strategy for addressing and preventing plagiarism and to ensure that the submitted manuscript is original and shall not contain plagiarized material
  • Build productive, mutually beneficial and sustainable research collaborations with government, industry and other reputed International universities
  • Encourage spirit of inquiry and criticism among faculty and students and provide an enabling environment for generating, storing and disseminating knowledge for the good of society
  • Promote realization of the importance of research among faculty in achieving a competitive status.
  • Promote rigorous research that is relevant to the nation and aligned with industry needs and goals
  • Enhance quality of research publications evidenced by high citation index per paper.
  • Increase prolific academic experts
4   Intellectual Capital Enhancement
  • Attract and retain talented and diverse workforce
  • Devise new ways to foster constructive interaction on important intellectual issues among faculty, students, and staff within and across institutions
  • Promote intellectually rewarding inter institutions and inter university collaborations among faculty.
  • Enhance the University's Academic environment to attract and retain excellent faculty and staff  adequate in size and qualification to meet the university's responsibilities particularly to all the stake holder
  • Encourage faculty and staff to demonstrate core values and ethics of the University.
5 Maintain High Ethical Values and Foster Social & Environmental Responsibility
  • Strengthen efforts to attract an excellent and diverse body of students and provide services impartially, efficiently and free from discrimination, adhering to national codes of good practice and professional standards 
  • To engage and maintain faculty and staff that is caring and provides support for students to meet their educational goals and objectives.
  • Encourage community outreach through general education programmes
  • Create awareness of ethical, social, environmental, and global issues and encourage Environmentally Sustainable Development
  • To integrate human values, sustainability and environmental literacy in teaching, theory, and practice
6 Internationalisation
  • Increase diversity and numbers of International Students and Faculty
  • Encourage Joint Research Collaborations with reputed international Universities and appoint numbers of international faculty as PhD co-guides, international examiners
  • Attract number of international delegates and speakers for conferences & workshops
  • Providing opportunity to students to take up their research projects in foreign university
  • Providing opportunities for global exposure and international experiences to students
  • To increase number of inbound – outbound students through Student Exchange Programme, Study Abroad Programme etc.
  • To increase numbers of international scholarships/fellowships/grants etc for students and faculty
7 Attaining & Retaining Accreditations and Enhance Rankings
  • To get reputed & relevant National / International
    Accreditations for Programme / Institution / University
  • To realign, streamline and improve systems and processes for institutional performance tracking
  • Continuous review of processes and systems - key deliverables to benchmark levels and achieve higher accreditations from international accreditation bodies
8 Building Strong Industry Linkages And Alumni Network
  • To foster ties with corporate and build strong alumni network to keep the research and academic programmes responsive to industry needs and develop sufficient capabilities in research and teaching
  • Identify opportunities for extending relations with industry through various activities
  • To connect the university to industries as a means of enriching the university's curricula, promoting research and technologies 
9 Enhance Employability and Entrepreneurial Capabilities Among Students
  • Create awareness among students regarding available career options and help them in identifying their career goals.
  • To enhance the quality of placement and ensure 100% placements for students by attracting the top most reputed companies for campus placement
  • Guide the students in developing skills and job-search strategies required to achieve their career goals.
  • To develop a young generation of entrepreneurs by creating awareness of enterprise and self-employment among students to help them manage their income generating activities and job creation.
  • Identify suitable potential employers and help them achieve their hiring goals.
10 Adopt Good Governance
  • To underpin the behaviour and practices expected of board, various Councils, each member of Council, all faculty and staff and the University as a whole in the discharge of responsibilities.
  • Set expectations for and promote and empower all members of the University to make responsible decisions with integrity.
  • To develop various policies, processes and systems for efficient and effective working of various constituents of the University
  • To put in place a fair and equitable mechanism to allocate resources to all institutions.
  • To develop clear understanding of the budgetary horizons and administrative processes among institutions in order to facilitate effective planning.