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Re-constitution of Professional Development Committee

As per kind approval Hon'ble Vice Chancellor the re-constitution of the Guru Dakshta (Professional Development Committee) for the year 2021-22 is as under:

Prof. (Dr.) Sujata Khandai Chairperson
Prof. (Dr.) Alpana Kakkar Member
Prof. (Dr.) Sunita Rattan Member
Prof. (Dr.) M. Sajnani Member
Prof. (Dr.) K. M. Soni Member
Prof. (Dr.) Nirupama Prakash Member
Dr. Harish Kumar Member
Dr. Renu Dhupper Member
Prof. (Dr.) Anil Sehrawat Member
Prof. (Dr.) Aditya Tomar Member
Prof. (Dr.) Tanveer Naved Member
Prof. (Dr.) Deepshika Pande Katare Member
Dr. Sagina Hooda Member Secretary

The important objectives of the Professional Development are as under:

(i) To support faculty members in their efforts to maintain competence in their teaching fields by keeping abreast of developments in their own discipline and in disciplines close to their own.

(ii) To keep faculty informed and to foster active discussion of developments in the scholarship of teaching and learning.

(iii) To encourage thoughtful and effective integration of educational technology into the teaching and learning process.

(iv) To support the efforts of individual faculty members to enhance their teaching and learning effectiveness.

(v) To support and honour outstanding and innovative teaching


The Committee has to recommend its recommendation for improving professional & personal competency of faculty and staff members and enhance the academic and intellectual environment;

Training Need analysis based on student Feedback, PBAS, Emerging trends and Pear Team Assessment, recommendations for Seminars/Conferences, Refresher Courses/ Workshops, Industry Training and Proposing modes of PDPs, Training Calendar etc. as per Guidelines 76 ‘Policy Guidelines for Professional Development Programmes’.


One-half of the members of the Committee, including the Chairperson, shall constitute the quorum at a meeting.


The tenure of the Committee shall be two years.