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University Alumni Affairs Management Committee

As per Policy Guidelines-35: Equity, Diversity and Non–discriminatory Policy Guidelines of AUUP the proposed Equal Opportunity Cell (EOC) of the University is as under:

1 Prof. (Dr.) Pradeep Joshi Dean/ HoI Chairperson Chairperson
2 Maj. Gen Bhasker Chakraborty Director Admissions Co-chairperson

Dr. Ravinder Kumar Tomar, Two Senior Faculty Member HoD, Civil Engineering, ASET

Mr. Vikas Kumar Nirmal Asst. Professor -III, ASAP

4 Dr.N K Mungreiphy One Nominee of Vice Chancellor Asst. Professor-III, AISS Member
5 Dr. Anupam Narula One Representative of Alumni Relations Dy. Director (Alumni Relations) & Professor, ASB Member
6 Prof. (Dr.) Alpana Kakkar Dean Student Support & Academic Affairs Dean (SS&AA) Member Secretary


Whoever commits any act of discrimination or harassment as specified in these Guidelines 35 against any student or section of students or staff or applicant or service provider the Cell shall finalize the enquiry report and submit the same to the Competent Authority.

In case of differently abled person(s) Equal Opportunity Cell (EOC) will work in coordination with University Internal Committee (UIC) for differently abled persons to support them by providing equal opportunities.

The competent authority of the University upon receipt of the enquiry report and the recommendation submitted by Respective Designated Authority, in the case of students and/ or staff, shall initiate appropriate action in accordance with the provisions of the Statutes/ Ordinances and/ or Regulations of AUUP.

Responsibilities Equal Opportunity Cell (EOC)

  • To provide active visible leadership on Equality, diversity and inclusion for success of the policy.
  • To ensure that related aims and objectives of the Policy are effectively implemented.
  • To ensure that all are aware of their individual and collective responsibility and accountability.