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University Graduate Attributes

The programmes are designed in such a manner that every student studying at AUUP, during his/her duration of study develops the impressive range of knowledge and skills.

These skills have been defined under 'The Amity Graduate Attributes'. They have been identified as a part of our commitment towards supporting student's development.

Graduate Attributes are central to the design, delivery and assessment of student learning in all faculty of Studies at the University. These University Graduate attributes are as follows:

  1.  Discipline Knowledge & Expertise
  2.  Self-Directed and Active Learning
  3.  Research and Enquiry
  4.  Information & Communication Technology Skills
  5.  Critical Thinking & Problem-Solving Abilities
  6.  Communication Skills
  7.  Creativity, Innovation & Reflective Thinking
  8.  Analytical & Decision-Making Ability
  9.  Leadership & Teamwork
  10.  Multicultural Understanding & Global Outlook
  11.  Integrity and Ethics
  12.  Social & Emotional Skills
  13.  Employability, Enterprise & Entrepreneurship
  14.  Lifelong Learning
  15.  Environment & Sustainability

The Graduate attributes flow from University level to domain level, from domain level to institution level, from institution to programme level. For each programme, graduate attributes are defined and the programme aims to inculcate these attributes in the students during their course of study.