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Choice Based Credit System & Flexi Timings

Choice Based Credit System

Pursuant to the recommendations of UGC and as part of major academic reform, AUUP has introduced Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) from academic year 2014-15. This ensures student centric contextual curriculum and achievement of desired student learning outcomes.

Choice Based Credit System enables the students to satisfy their scholastic needs and aspirations as the system provides enhanced learning opportunities through interdisciplinary curriculum.

Salient Features of Choice Based Credit System (CBCS)

  • It enables a student to obtain a degree by accumulating required number of credits prescribed for that degree as per the model framework for programme structure of the programme of study.
  • It offers flexibility, as the student, apart from the core courses, has a choice in selecting courses (as electives, relevant to the programme of study and as per the programme structure) out of those offered by other Amity University, Uttar Pradesh (AUUP) Institutions/Departments/Disciplines. The aim is to provide students to undertake inter-disciplinary courses (as electives). Interdisciplinary approach enables integration of concepts, theories, techniques, and perspectives from two or more disciplines to advance fundamental understanding or to solve problems whose solutions are beyond the scope of a single discipline.
  • A student may also select course/s from domain electives, open electives, if available in the model framework for programme structure of the programme of study. Open elective course is from an unrelated discipline/subject, with an intention to seek exposure in that discipline/subject.
  • A student makes her/his own semester academic planning worksheet based on the model framework for programme structure of the programme of study and thus have a choice from major/minor, dual or super specialization if available in the model framework for programme structure.
  • A student is able to transfer credits to another programme within AUUP, or is able to transfer credit towards a programme from a different Institution/University with which AUUP has a formal agreement of mutual credit transfer. Credit transfer depends on whether the accumulated credit is relevant to the programme to which the student wants to transfer.
  • A student is able to prepare her/his own time table on the basis of her/his academic planning worksheet (on Amizone) by selecting from available session time slots of the selected core/elective courses etc.

Flexi Timings

Flexi Time tabling help students to make their own Academic Planning Worksheet by choosing the courses they want to study and when to study from the slot-based timetable, coupled with on-line Course Registration, through Amizone, in each semester.

The Institutions/departments prepare, review and publish the weekly class time-table on AMIZONE prior to the start of each semester to ensure that all classes are scheduled for the minimum number of session(s) of 50 minutes each. The Students select and register for the course time slot. Students make their own time-table and Academic Planning Worksheet. Each student in a class may have a different timetable of his / her own choice. This provides flexibility to students to pursue their other intrest, hobbies parallel to their academic engagement.