Featured Event

  • 18 January
  • Amity University, Noida
TEDxAmity University Noida, on the theme, “Phases of the Moon”, held at Amity

 Amity University Noida organized the third edition of TEDxAmity University Noida, on the theme, “Phases of the Moon”, wherein guest speakers from diverse backgrounds shared their journeys, experiences and insights, based on the influence of the moon on their lives. The esteemed speakers included Gp Capt Dr. V.N Jha, Scientist, Ex- DRDO Joint Director, Mr. Dadi Pudumjee, Modern Puppetry, Ms. Vidushini Prasad, Madhubani Artist, Ms. Sonal Asgotraa, Founder - Astrostays (Sustainable Tourism), Ms. Krupalini Swamy, Founder - The Tall Elephant, Socio Emotions Skills Consultant-UNESCO, MoC-Niti Aayog, Ms. Swati Ganeti, Ed-tech Entrepreneur, Founder - SoftClay Technology Pvt. Ltd. and Mr. Shivam Bansal, Speed Cuber & Astrophotographer. On this occasion, mesmerizing performances by various renowned artistes including Sarod Maestro Mr. Aayush Mohan, Kathak Dancer disciple and granddaughter of Kathak Maestro Late Pt. Birju Maharaj ji Ms. Shinjini Kulkarni, Sanskrit Lyricist and Rapper Mr. Shagun Sharma, instrumentalist Mr. Vishesh Kalimero, and singer, songwriter and vocal producer Ms. Harjot Kaur, were also presented.

Sharing the challenges of moon mission and providing the solutions, Gp. Capt V.N. Jha, Scientist, Ex-DRDO Joint Director, said, “Greenhouse gas emissions, unhindered lunar radiations, burning of heavier rocket parts, satellites and junks at re-entry in the upper atmos are some of the major challenges faced during the Moon Mission. Futuristic R&Ds and International Laws, Non-Green House Propulsion System, avoiding carbon loading at lunar surface, and removal of space debris, are some of the steps which can be taken to overcome these challenges. In addition, zero waste regeneration technologies, alternative landing techniques and precision landing techniques will be also helpful in overcoming the challenges of moon mission.”

Sharing her entrepreneurial journey, Ms. Sonal Asgotraa, Founder -Astrostays (Sustainable Tourism), said, “I was always fascinated by the sky and the universe. Post covid, people wanted to experience something new and fresh, and therefore, Astrostays was born, which is based on the concept of astro-tourism, nature based, regenerative travel. The journey started with 35 people from 15 remote villages of Ladakh, who were trained in the basics of astronomy and know-how of operating Dobsonian telescopes. Astrostays is a community centric venture which boosts local economy, provides livelihood to the local communities, empowers women and inculcates a scientific temperament.”

Deliberating upon Emotional Intelligence through her own life experiences, Ms. Krupalini Swamy, Founder - The Tall Elephant, Socio Emotions Skills Consultant-UNESCO, MoC-Niti Aayog, stated, “Sometimes the society judges and humiliates a person for different reasons which results in affecting the psyche and self-esteem of the person. As one grows up, the scars of their childhood experiences shape their personality, and the person starts feeling under confident and insecure. Therefore, building a self-reflection ritual, journaling, and admiring yourself create the feeling of high self -esteem and boost the self-confidence.”


Dr. Balvinder Shukla, Vice Chancellor, Amity University Uttar Pradesh, said, “The third edition of TEDxAmity University Noida, will be very inspirational for the young minds since we have a galaxy of speakers who will be sharing their real-life experiences and stories with us, which will motivate and encourage the students to overcome all challenges and become successful in all their endeavors.”


Delivering the Welcome Address, Dr. Alpana Kakkar, Dean Student Support & Academic Affairs, Amity University Uttar Pradesh, said, “Life is a journey that mirrors the ever-changing phases of the moon and at TEDxAmity University Noida, the speakers will embark on highly inspirational personal and professional journeys, providing a great learning platform to the students.”