Featured Event

  • 06 March
  • Amity University, Noida
Week-long activities commence at Amity University to celebrate International Women’s Day


Amity University Uttar Pradesh, Noida Campus is celebrating the International Women’s Week -2024 by organizing a weeklong activities from 5th to 12th March, 2024. As a part of the activities, several workshops, interactive sessions, art exhibitions, panel discussions, and conferences, were organized at Amity University campus. Amity Law School, Noida organized an International Conference titled, ‘NIRANJANA- HERizons for Earth’ - Fostering Women’s Intersectionality towards Sustainability’, from 5th to 6th March 2024.

The major objectives of the Conference were to promote knowledge exchange, facilitate the exchange of research findings, experiences, and insights related to women’s leadership, showcase the resilience and innovative strategies employed by women leaders in navigating complex and high-stake environments and highlight the policies and practices that promote gender equality, women’s empowerment, and inclusivity.


Addressing the students of Amity, Chief Guest Shri Manan Kumar Mishra, Chairman, Bar Council of India, said, “India has a glorious past, where women used to be worhsipped and wre treated as superior to men. Due to foreign invasions, women started facing discrimination and were disrespected. But during the current times, women are being treated at par with men and 33% reservation is for women in the Legislature.”  He called upon Law students to join litigation, which although is more difficult, but it is a highly rewarding profession and makes one strong and confident and prepares them to face challenges.

Sharing his words of wisom, Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan, Founder President Amity Education Group said, “ The students of Amity are very close to our heart and Amity will leave no stone unturned to ensure that every student gets the best education along with strong moral values and excellent carreer opportunities. Amity students have the potential to change the world, and Amity will always support its students in all their endeavours. Students must listen to the  experts very acrefully and attentively and enhance their learning which will make them ssuccessful in their life and career.” 

Addressing the gathering, Smt. Richa Vashisth, Chairperson, RMS Group of Companies, President, MAA Foundatioon, Member Railway Advisory Committee, Govt. of India, averred, “The government has inititated 15 schemes for empoewring the women and girls of our country. Women are walking together with men in every field. Women are working in all fileds at a good position and even the President of India is a woman, Ms. Droupdai Mourmu ji. She said that “Beti Samjhao” should also be added to the slogan of “Beti bachao, beti padhao”, because when girls are made aware about their rights, they become more empowered.

Mr. Kanhaiya Lal Ganju, Honorary Consul, Union of Comoros, stated, “Women must be respected and empowered everyday, not only on Women’s Day and they must be given high regard and value in the society. Advancemnet of technology is providing unprecedented opportunities to women, however, technology has been created by the human brain and all human beings who run digital platforms must be honest. One must be honest and sincere towards their work and family as well, since honest is a great virtue which can make a person highly successful.”

Addressing the gathering, Prof. (Dr.) Balvinder Shukla, Vice Chancellor Amity University Uttar Pradesh stated, “The theme of the Conference is very apt and in the past, India was a country where women were at the forefront. Therefore, it is in our DNA to respect women and provide them equal opportunities in all walks of life. This conference recognizes the pivotal role women play in sustainable development and aims to foster collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and collective action, by which women can become empowered.”

Highlighting the significnace of the Programme, Prof. (Dr.) D.K. Bandopadhyay, Chairman, Amity Law School, asserted, “The Conference aimed to celebrate and empower women worldwide by providing a platform to discuss and address multifaceted issues, including social, economic, and environmental challenges. It also focussed on fostering Cross-Sectoral collaboration, collaboration between academia, NGOs, government agencies, and international organizations to develop holistic approaches.”


On this occasion,  a ‘Souvenir’ of Amity Centre for Gender Justice and Child Rights and “NIRANJANA” was also released and also present on the occasion were Dr. Gurinder Singh, Group Vice Chancellor, Amity Universities, Dr. Shefali Raizada, Additional Director Amity Law School, and Dr. Aditya Tomer, Additional Director, Amity Law School alongwith the students of Amity Law School.