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Outcome Assessment Committee (Fresh Admissions)

With the approval of the Competent Authority the Outcome Assessment Committee has been constituted as under:

Pro Vice Chancellor/Dean/ Senior HoI (nominee of Vice Chancellor) Prof. (Dr.) M Sajnani
Prof. (Dr.) Sanjeev Bansal
Upto six Deans by rotation 1. Prof. (Dr.) Jayanti Pujari
2. Prof. (Dr.) Kalpana Sharma
3. Prof. (Dr.) Alpana Kakkar
4. Prof. (Dr.) Sunita Rattan
5. Prof. (Dr.) K. M. Soni
Upto six HoIs by rotation 1. Prof. (Dr.) Sanjay Singh
2. Prof. (Dr.) Nirupama Prakash
3. Prof. (Dr.) M K Pandey
4. Prof. (Dr.) Shefali Raizada
5. Prof. (Dr.) J K Srivastava
6. Prof. (Dr.) Pallavi Mazumdar
Upto six Professors by rotation 1. Prof. (Dr.) Tanveer Naved
2. Prof. (Dr.) R Sujatha
3. Prof. (Dr.) Puniti Mathur
4. Prof. (Dr.) Harish Kumar
5. Prof. (Dr.) Taranjeet Duggal
Concerned Dean of Faculty   Co-opted Member
Two nominees of Vice Chancellor 1. Prof. (Dr.) R S Rai
2. Dr. Anchal Garg
Head RPSS/Academic Office/Sr Professor Prof. (Dr.) Tanya Singh Member Secretary

The Outcome Assessment Committee will formulate programme learning outcomes at faculty level for linkage and strategic planning and will also review and conduct various outcome assessment workshops for PROAC of different AUUP Institutions.

Other Members may also be co-opted in the Committee as and when required. The Committee will recommend its recommendations as per Guideline 52.

One-half of the members of the Committee, including the Chairperson, shall constitute the quorum at a meeting.