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Research Centre for Environmental Sustainability

Existence of a Research Centre for Environmental Sustainability and Collaborative Efforts towards Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Amity University is committed to promoting sustainable practices and addressing global challenges through education, research, and collaboration. This statement aims to highlight our partnerships, collaborative efforts, and contributions towards the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through our Research Centre. 

Research Centre for Environmental Sustainability: Our Research Centre for Environmental Sustainability is a specialized entity within our institution, dedicated to advancing research, education, and implementation of sustainable practices. We focus on conducting interdisciplinary research, developing sustainable solutions, and fostering awareness among students, researchers, and the community.

The various Institutions having research centre contributes through curriculum teaching and supervision to the teaching of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

Sustainability Courses: Our Research Centre actively contributes to the development of sustainability-focused courses in various undergraduate and postgraduate programs. These courses cover topics such as environmental conservation, sustainable development, climate change, renewable energy, and circular economy principles. The course content is regularly updated to incorporate the latest research and global best practices in sustainability.

Contribution to Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programmes: Through our Research Centre, we actively engage in curriculum development and offer courses that equip our students with the knowledge and skills required to address environmental challenges. By fostering a culture of sustainability, we strive to nurture future leaders and change-makers committed to achieving SDGs. 

Research Labs: Our Research Centre hosts dedicated research labs that focus on innovative solutions for environmental sustainability. These labs serve as incubators for cutting-edge research projects, fostering a collaborative environment where faculty, researchers, and students work together towards a greener, more sustainable future.

The Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) signed to contribute significantly to SDGs.

  • a) Namami Gange:We have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Namami Gange, a renowned environmental organization, to collaborate on joint research projects, knowledge exchange, and community engagement initiatives. Through this partnership, we aim to contribute significantly to SDGs related to clean water and sanitation (SDG 6), life below water (SDG 14), and life on land (SDG 15). 
  • b) Indian Meteorological Department (IMD):Our institution has established a collaboration with the Indian Meteorological Department to conduct research on climate change patterns, weather forecasting models, and adaptation strategies. This partnership aligns with SDG 13 (Climate Action) and enables us to contribute to climate resilience and disaster risk reduction efforts. 
  • c) National Institute of Disaster Management (NIDM):We have entered into a strategic partnership with NIDM to work jointly on disaster preparedness, response, and recovery projects. Through this MOU, we aim to contribute to SDG 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities) and SDG 13 (Climate Action) by enhancing disaster resilience and promoting sustainable urban planning.