A. Mission

To provide knowledge and professional skills in the domain of law and allied area to cater to the needs for a sound conceptual base coupled with capacity to apply the knowledge taught in a clinical manner; to appraise it actual in an environment of adherence to Rule of Law and global order. To serve the various communities at national and international level to build its own regime in legal fraternity; to develop overall personality of law aspirants by making them not only excellent professionals but also good citizen with understanding of human values, to fulfill diverse needs of legal profession,and also to promote constitutional aspirations and a civilized global order.

B. Graduate Attributes

  • Knowledge and Expertise in Legal Field 

    Develop strong understanding of Indian constitution, Identify the statutory provision, judicial setup, and to develop legal knowledge.

  • Legal Research 

    Able to recognize the extent of information and to analyze critical legal issues, legal problems, to evaluate the source of information using quantitative and qualitative research techniques and develop effective solutions to complex legal problems.

  • Digital Literacy 

    cases and information from various sources such as on line search engine ,digital library etc.

  • Problem solving 

    Able to develop strategies and process, learn to encourage proactive role in legal domain, develop Problem solving attitude, identify and analyze areas of legal issue.

  • Legal Communication 

    Able to receive, process, comprehend and convey information effectively. Drafting of legal documents affiliates and legal notices.

  • Behavioral leadership skills 

    Demonstrate confidence to participate in complex legal situations. To demonstrate leadership skills to meet challenges

  • Global legal citizen 

    Develop an understanding of global standards to foster legal environment. Learn and practice to critically analyze the legal issues from local, national and international concerns

  • Professional Ethics of Legal Profession 

    Demonstrate honesty, integrity, fairness and generosity without any biases in professional life, be committed to social justice & learn to appreciate diversity and equality, demonstrate ethical behavior at all situations.

  • Legal Entrepreneurship and Employability 

    Demonstrate entrepreneurial skills by identifying opportunities and creating their own ventures.

  • Life long learning 

    Able to set high standards and preparation to develop legal skills that are essential to their success in professional society. Capability to contribute to civil society, demonstrate social responsibility in social change, have appreciation as a lawyer for overall growth.

C. List Of Institutes