Faculties / Domains

APPLY NOW 2020 Admissions

A. Mission

To provide education at all levels in all disciplines of Bio-Sciences and Biotechnology and in the futuristic and emerging frontier areas of knowledge , learning and research and to develop the overall personality of students by making them not only excellent professionals but also good individuals with understanding and regard for human values , pride in their heritage and culture , a sense of right and wrong, yearning for perfection and courage of conviction and action.

B. Graduate Attributes

  • Knowledge of Biosciences and Biotechnology 

    The student will develop analytical mindset to find strategic solutions to diverse problems.

  • Exploration and investigation 

    The student will have decision making capabilities to find apt and sustainable solutions to complex problems.

  • Modern IT Tool Usage 

    The student will apply modern IT tools for acquisition and analysis of biological data.

  • Design / development of solutions 

    The student will use research-based knowledge and scientifically proven methodology including design of experiments and models and synthesis of the information to provide valid conclusions.

  • Communication 

    The student will be confident in communication, interpersonal skills and relationship-building.

  • Individual and Team work 

    The student will be able to demonstrate team work and conflict resolution strategies through leadership qualities

  • Global citizen 

    The student will be a responsible global citizen with environment conserving attitude.

  • Ethics 

    The student will demonstrate ethically, environmentally and socially aware attitude.

  • Project Management and entrepreneurship 

    The student will develop entrepreneurial skills through innovative and creative decision making.

  • Lifelong Learning 

    The student will have lifelong learning approach to create new knowledge from existing knowledge.

  • Environment and Sustainability 

  • Life sciences , Biotechnology and Society 

C. List Of Institutes