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Constitution of University Level IT Purchase/Upgradation Assessment Committee


As per kind directions of Hon'ble Vice Chancellor, the committee constituted for IT Purchase/Upgradation Assessment Committee (ITPUAC) to review the activities pertaining to IT Requirements (e.g. Desktops/Laptops/Software etc.) and examine the proposals from different Institutions are as under:

Prof. (Dr.) J.S. Sodhi Chairperson
Prof. (Dr.) Sanjeev Bansal Member
Prof. (Dr.) Rekha Aggarwal Member
Prof. (Dr.) M.K. Pandey Member
Prof. (Dr.) R.S. Rai Member
Prof. (Dr.) Kamal Rawal Member
Dr. Tanu Arora Member Secretary

The responsibilities of the Committee are as follows:

(i) Annual planning of Software/Desktops/Laptops etc. for effective teaching - learning

(ii) Identify all IT Hardware’s/Software/Databases that need upgradation/ renewal of Licenses. 

(iii) Get the upgradation done for existing software/hardware as per the Course Curriculum frequency laid down. 

(iv) Maintain record of each upgradation. 

(v) Develop online system and update status as and when online system is developed.

One-half of the members of the Committee, including the Chairperson, shall constitute the quorum at a meeting.

The tenure of the Committee shall be two years.