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University Ethics Committee

The composition of the University Ethics Committee is as under:

Dr R C Deka, former Director, AIIMS Chairman
Head, Amity Institute of Pharmacy In absence of Chairman will Chair the Meeting
Prof (Dr) Rakesh Yadav
Deptt. of Cardiology, AIIMS
Member (Clinical)
Dr Mausumi Bharadwaj
Scientist E, ICMR
Member (Bio-Medical)
Prof (Dr) VK Jain (AIARS (M&D) Member (Basic Sciences)
Head, Amity Law School Member (Legal Expert)
Prof (Dr) Abha Agnihotri
Head, Central for Agricultural Biotechnology
Member (Biological science)
Prof (Dr) Nirupama Prakash Director, AISS Member (Social Scientist)
Prof (Dr) Deepshikha Pande Katare,
Member Secretary