A. Mission

To provide teacher education at all levels in all specializations of education & physical education in the current perspective of teaching learning trends in the futuristic and emerging frontier areas of knowledge of the field of education, physical education learning and research and to develop the overall personality of students by making them not only excellent teachers of education & physical education but also good individuals, with understanding and regard for human values, pride in their heritage and culture, a sense of right and wrong and yearning for perfection and imbibe attributes of courage of conviction and action.

B. Graduate Attributes

  • Knowledge & Expertise of Education 

    Understand curriculum studies along with new and emerging issues globally in the area of education & physical education. Capable of independent, collaborative enquiry and self-directed practice in teacher education training Understanding of the latest pedagogy in the chosen area of teacher education Competent in applying acquired knowledge and skills to facilitate effective learning in multidisciplinary educational environment Keeping up-to-date with the international standards and benchmarks in the field of teacher education program Ethical Educators

  • Educational Research and Enquiry 

    Ability to create new knowledge and understanding through the process of research and inquiry Ability to identify, formulate and investigate problems and issues using established research methodologies in teaching, coaching, training in educational institutes. Possess a body of knowledge relevant to the field of teacher education, holds a firm grasp of the principles, practices, and boundaries of teacher education Posses enquiry based approach in teaching, learning process. Ability to create new pedagogy techniques in teaching, training and coaching through independent research. Ability to identify, define, investigate, and solve problems associated teaching learning process.

  • Information & Digital Literacy in Education 

    The ability to search, filter, categorise and compile information from a wide variety of knowledge resources including digital, in a systematic manner Ability to recognise significant educational needs Ability to use tools and technologies applied in teaching pedagogies Ability to use educational information for creative learning. Proficiency in the appropriate use of digital technology and information resources in teaching. Aptitude for learning technological advances in teacher education

  • Problem Solving in Teaching & Learning Process 

    An ability to apply effective, creative and innovative pedagogy, to current and future education concerns. Ability to develop creative, innovative pedagogy solutions applicable in educational areas. Applying problem solving strategies across a range of teaching and learning areas Ability to apply pedagogy techniques to evaluate solutions for efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of educational programs Implement and test, solutions for different education and learning strategies Apply action research effectively

  • Communication 

    Posses proficiency in written, verbal and visual communication skills in the field of education & physical education Ability to communicate, present and express thoughts & ideas Ability to communicate effectively and sequentially Ability to prepare contents electronically and in writing Ability to demonstrate professional skills in education & physical education

  • Behavioral Skills, Teamwork and Leadership 

    Acquiring skills towards interpersonal understanding and valuing societal norms Understand the concept of group cohesion and develop as a social contributor. Develop team work with interpersonal skills for working towards common goals of education. Capable of initiating as well as embracing change in philosophy and science of teaching learning process. Develop as autonomous individuals taking responsibility for their own learning and performance in the education, physical education Ability to distinguish between desirable & undesirable behavior in education setup. Having enthusiasm Reliable and dependable teacher educators Respectful & Empathetic towards others views irrespective of caste, race, class, gender, religion etc. Ability to maintain level-headedness in behavior in contrast to arrogance, despite achievement of high performance & Success Enterprising, innovative and creative educators Collaborative teacher educators Ability to motivate self & others Ability to distinguish between desirable & undesirable behavior

  • Global Citizen 

    Awareness of ethical, social and cultural issues within a global context and their importance in professional teaching, training and coaching environment. Understanding global issues and recognizing opportunities offered globally for imparting universal education program. Capable of applying educational philosophy in local, national and international contexts through scientific pedagogy. Culturally aware and capable of respecting diversity and acting in socially responsible way Respect for diversity and validity of multiple perspectives related to education, health, exercise and sports.

  • Ethical, Social and professional understanding in Education 

    Develop personal values and beliefs consistent with their role as responsible educators in the community. Understand and practice the highest standards of ethical behavior associated with teaching and training profession Strive for justice, equality, honesty, and integrity in all personal and professional pursuits Acknowledge and accept common responsibility to preserve the environment and its surroundings Understand intercultural sensitivity and awareness towards inclusive education to avoid bais based on culture, cast, religion and gender in teaching, learning and rehabilitation process. Understanding of ethical practices in education, physical education and rehabilitation.

  • Employability, Enterprise & Entrepreneurship in Education 

    Development of abilities required for professional life in global education environment for effective teaching, training and coaching of people with various needs. Ability to be an education & sports entrepreneur Ability to spread skill sets in the existing environment Ability to seek and network with different educational agencies Thinking creatively Evaluating information Ability to creating opportunities

  • Lifelong Learning 

    Develop as autonomous individuals through out their life, taking responsibility for their own learning and performance in the education and physical education. Inculcate individual value system through self learning and experiences in education, physical exercise and sports. Continue reflecting desire to explore and challenge the values and assumptions which underlie different intellectual perspectives associated in education, sports and exercise.

C. List Of Institutes