A. Mission

To provide education in relevant Health and Allied Sciences areas Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral levels in all disciplines of modern Health and Allied Sciences areas and in the futuristic and emerging frontier areas of Health and Allied Sciences knowledge, learning and research and to develop the overall personality of students by making them not only excellent professionals but also good individuals, with understanding and empathy for human values, pride in their heritage and culture, a sense of right and wrong and yearning for perfection and imbibe attributes of courage of conviction and action.

B. Graduate Attributes

  • Knowledge and expertise about Healthcare in their disciplines in India and internationally in a global context. 

    1 Knowledge & Expertise of a Discipline Demonstrate detailed knowledge of a specific discipline or field related to health services and policy research.

  • Research oriented approach to investigate issues using appropriate methodology to derive innovative solutions in the healthcare domain 

    2 Research and Enquiry Possess a thorough knowledge of Research methods in healthcare. Demonstrate capacity to hypothesize, analyze, interpret compare and evaluate issues in the health field and report writing.

  • Proficiency in the use of computers in Health and allied sciences domain and awareness of the uses of IT in the relevant aspects of disciplines 

    Proficiency in using all computer programmes commonly required in the relevant discipline.

  • Able to identify deviations from the desired goals and take steps to find solutions for the same. 

    Ability to conceptualize problems and use theory, evidence, context and reasoning to identify a range of possible solutions and choose the best option.

  • Good verbal and written communication skills. 

    5 Communication Good verbal and written communication skills to enable clear communication and feedback

  • Excellent behavioral skills in all interactions both as a team player and a leader as per the situation in healthcare situations 

    Demonstrates capacity for Interdisciplinary teamwork , leadership and behavioural skills

  • Awareness of the history and recent developments in the health and allied sciences domain in a global contextual framework. Ability to function effectively in cross cultural environments. 

    Knowledge of national and international health systems and research. Displays capacity for working with people with diverse academic training, professional roles and socio-cultural backgrounds

  • Ethical and cultural sensitivity to enable effective and harmonious functioning in diverse healthcare settings in multicultural professional teams. 

    8 Ethical, Social and professional understanding Exhibits strong commitment to ethical action and social responsibility in all research and professional and personal activities.

  • To be the first choice for all employers in the relevant discipline. To exhibit entrepreneurship in the discipline for the growth of the discipline and the creation of jobs 

    9 Employability, Enterprise & Entrepreneurship Demonstrates good professional knowledge and skills pertaining to the relevant discipline. Practises innovative thinking and knowledge translational skills with confidence in his/her ability,

  • Lifelong learning attitude in personal , community and professional health services settings 

    Commitment towards lifelong learning in pursuit of personal development and career achievement. Engages in continuous upgradation and expansion of skill sets on an on going basis.

  • Empathetic and compassionate attitude 

    Empathetic and compassionate attitude towards patients, attendants, colleagues and the community

C. List Of Institutes