A reasonable and rational fee structure shall be established concomitant with the objectives of the University to provide quality education which shall be ensured by appointments of competent faculty, well equipped laboratories and libraries, computers and networking facilities and other infrastructure of high quality.

The course and examination fees chargeable from students for various courses of studies shall be proposed by a Fee Committee comprising:

  • President of the Foundation - Chairperson
  • Vice Chancellor
  • Pro Vice Chancellors
  • A Nominee of the Foundation
  • One Dean to be nominated by the Vice Chancellor
  • Treasurer - Secretary

The recommendations of the Fee Committee shall be considered for approval by the Executive Council. A built-in provision for a reasonable yearly escalation of fees may be made in Regulations to offset the rise in cost. This provision shall be included in the letters of admission to students.

The Fee Committee shall review the escalation and the levels of fee every three years or earlier if necessary, and recommend any changes in the fee structure as appropriate.