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Programme Review Process

  • Heads of Institutions/Departments constitute Course Review Committee (CRC), Area Advisory Board (AAB) and Programme Review Committee (PRC) to develop/ review the curriculum and programme structure respectively.
  • The Course Review Committee (CRC) defines the course Objectives, course contents, and Students Learning Outcomes and assessment tools/components for each course.  The recommendations of the CRC are put up to specific Area Advisory Board
  • Area Advisory Board is constituted to ensure that the course and syllabus are as per the needs of profession / industry at a specific level (UG/PG) and to benchmark as per the National/International curriculum.
  • The Programme Review Committee (PRC) defines the Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs), Programme Operational Goals, Programme Learning Outcome (PLO), Programme Structure (PS) and the Assessment plan for evaluating operational and educational outcomes, based on inputs from various stakeholders.
  • Recommendations of AAB and PRC are put up to the “Board of Studies” (BoS)
  • Board of Studies (BoS) reviews and recommends appropriate Programme structure, curricula & syllabi designed and developed by PRC and AAB.
  • The recommendations of BoS along with the final Programme structure (Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs), Programme Learning Outcomes (PLOs), and Outcome assessment plan), Course curriculum, and scheme of examinations for each course are further put up for the final approval of Academic Council.
  • After the approval of Academic council, the Programme Structure, Course curriculum, scheme of examinations and other relevant information is uploaded on Amizone for student access