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Organisation of Programme Structure

The programme structure for each programme is developed carefully ensuring that the content and curriculum is current and appropriate to the programmes objectives and learning outcomes. All the programmes are grouped and programmes in one group share a similar Model framework. Based on the model frame-work, a programme structure is developed which includes following:

  • Programme Mission
  • Programme description: brief introduction of the programme
  • Programme Educational Objectives/goal: statements that describe the expected accomplishments and professional status of the students after completion of the program
  • Programme Learning Outcomes: describes the measurable knowledge, skills, abilities, or behaviors that students to be able to demonstrate by the time they complete their degree
  • Curriculum Programme Structure /Framework' - defines the course type and credit structure semester wise and overall credits prescribed as per University norms
  • Outcome Assessment Plan: The plan providing details of all methods of assessing student learning outcome in the programme to gauge the extent of the learning that is taking place. (As per attached format)
  • Competency Role Matrix: it determine the level of proficiency for each competence required to observe the prospective job roles in the industry
  • Employability of Graduands: embedding set of attributes in the curriculum and imparting knowledge to develop desired skills & competencies and equip students to compete in the global marketplace
  • Resource Planning