06 May 2021 |Noida

Amity University, Noida ( Online )

Webinar on Semantics for Robotic Mapping, Perception, and Interaction

 To familiarise students, researchers and scientists regarding  modern research in the area of Semantics of Robotic Mapping, Amity School of Engineering Technology has organized a webinar on Semantics for Robotic Mapping, Perception, and Interaction.


During the webinar, Dr. Sourav Garg, Research Fellow - QUT Centre for Robotics, School of Electrical Engineering and Robotics, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia in his lecture said “Robotics and Artificial Intelligence is interconnected where in autonomous driving, virtual reality, augmented reality form part of the same. He further added that semantics is associated with the semantics of robotics which is related to the interpretation, interaction, performance, contraction, security of robots. During his lecture , he outlined his research on the classification of semantics for robotics, image classification, image retrieval, scene graph, dynamic environment, mapping SLAM, place classification, recognition, semantics for place recognition and challenges of place recognition by place recognition. Dr. Garg said about the Emerging Semantics Low Ease Utility flag, PS Utility Salinacy, ES, and PS Utility, that computer resources, hardware, knowledge, databases, online and cloud have accelerated growth in the field. Robotics are being used in many fields including drones, service robotics, autonomous vehicles” 

Dr. W. Selvamurthy President, Amity Science Technology and Innovation Foundation said that Robots are currently in use in many areas and there are opportunities for robot to be used in many areas. We should focus on the new initiative to defeat the corona in this era of epidemic using the knowledge of robots. The purpose of this lecture session is to increase the knowledge and get guidance for the development of new innovation. 

Welcoming the eminent speaker, Dr. Abhay Bansal, Joint Head, Amity School of Engineering and Technology said, we explore new opportunities for mutual support through such webinars where we can work together in the fields of research and projects in the field of modern science. At Amity we always encourage students to research and innovate and together with global institutions provide global exposure to students”