Ms Anshuma Dubey

Assistant Professor 1

Amity Institute of Behavioral & Allied Sciences, Lucknow
  • Experience

    03 Oct 2016 - Present
    Assistant Professor 1,
    Amity Institute of Behavioral & Allied Sciences, Lucknow

  • Current Courses Taught

    Empirical Clinical Research

    Paper-I : Biological Foundations of Behavior

    Paper-I : Psychosocial Foundation of Behavior and Psychopathology

    Paper-I: Psychosocial Perspectives of Mental Disorders

    Paper-II : Psychotherapy and Counseling

    Paper-II : Statistics and Research Methodology

    Paper-II: Counseling and Therapy

    Paper-III : Behavioral Medicine

    Paper-III : Psychiatry

    Paper-III: Psychiatry

    Practical I- Psychological Assessments and Viva Voce

    Practical II- Psychological Interventions and Viva Voce

    Psychodiagnostic Reports

    Psychological Assessments/Evaluation-(Case Study)

    Psychological Therapies

    Psychotherapy Record

    Submission I- Psychodiagnostic Reports

    Submission II- Psychotherapy Records