Dr Shobhit Wadhwa

Associate Professor

Amity College of Commerce & Finance
  • Experience

    06 Feb 2017 - Present
    Associate Professor,
    Amity College of Commerce & Finance

  • Current Courses Taught

    Advanced Supply Chain Management and Logistics

  • Publications

    Convergence of GAAP with IFRS in India ,

    Managing our Investments: Are we socially Responsible? ,

    Constraints for ICT in Agricultural Marketing in Uttarakhand ,
    Indian Society of Agricultural Marketing, Nagpur

    Assessment for Improvised Learning ,
    IIMT, Delhi

    Absenteeism and Juvenile Delinquency: The Two sides of a coin. ,
    Mewar University

    Positive Teacher-student Relationship: A Key to Classroom Management ,
    IIMT, Delhi

    Preparing Teachers for Multicultural Classrooms ,
    IIMT, Delhi

    FDI In Agricultural Sector In India: Status And Challenges ,
    Avon Publications, New Delhi

    Role of NGOs in Non Formal Education in India: A study of selected NGOs of Delhi ,
    SRM University

    Podcasting: A Technological Online Learning Tool for the Visually Impaired Learners ,

    Training Teachers for Professional Ethics in Teaching ,
    Ramgharia College, Phagwara

    A Comparative Study of Home Environment among Reserved and Non-Reserved Category students of Higher Secondary School Level ,
    IIMT, Delhi

    Social Media: A Path Towards Professional Development of Teachers. ,
    IIMT, Delhi

    Impact of m-banking on profitability of commercial banks in India ,
    International Journal of Control Theory and Applications (IJCTA)

    Impact of Monetary Policy on Bank’s Profitability :Evidences from Public and Private Banks of India ,
    New Delhi Publishers

    The Effectiveness of Web Marketing on Consumer Behaviour of University Students in Noida ,
    Ideal Institute of Management & Technology, Delhi

    Corporate Social Responsibility: A relationship of Corporate Social Responsibility and Financial Performance in India ,
    Indian Academicians and Researcher Association, Gowhati

  • Activities

    Received 'Pride of the Institute' Award 2013, Academic Excellence Awards 2013,2014 and Faculty Performance Award 2012 at Ideal Institute of Management & Technology, Delhi

    Appreciation Certificate for services in teaching by Bharat Vikas Parishad, Rohilkhand Area in 2005

    Appreciation certificate for services in teaching by Nagrik Suraksha Core and Buland Bharat Vikas Samiti, U.P. on 5th Sep. 2006

  • Conferences attended

    Research Workshop
    Organized By :G.G.S.I.P.University, Delhi

    How to write a Research Paper: Techniques and skills involved
    Organized By :G.G.S.I.P.University, Delhi

    Writing Research Paper
    Organized By :Kasturi Ram College of Higher Education

    Research Workshop
    Organized By :Kasturi Ram College of Higher Education

    Three Weeks Winter Special Programme
    Organized By :Academic Staff College, Jamia Millia Islamia

    Is Education Failing in Gender Sensitisation?
    Organized By :G.G.S.I.P.University, Delhi

    Role of Ethics and Human Values in Professional Lives.
    Organized By :Sant Haridas College of Higher Education

    Incorporating Global Perspectives into Administration, Teaching and Research
    Organized By :Kamal Institute of Higher Education

    Life Long Learning in 21st Century: Needs and Essentials
    Organized By :Sant Haridas College of Higher Education

    e-Learning Tools for Teacher Educators
    Organized By :Guru Ram Dass College of Higher Education

    Impact of Emerging Trends in Entrepreneurship: Focus on Digital India, Start up India Stand up India
    Organized By :ACCF, PHD CCI

    Innovative Sustainability Practices
    Organized By :Ideal Institute of Management & Technology, PHD CCI

    Qualitative Research in Social Sciences and Case Writing
    Organized By :ACCF

    Organized By :NACIN

    Emerging Trends in Research in Entrpreneurship, Accounting, Business and Management
    Organized By :Amity College of Commerce & Finance

  • Scholary Activities

    Is Education Failing in Gender Sensitisation?
    Organized By :G.G.S.I.P.University, Delhi