Ms Ruchi Khandelwal

Dy. Director (Academics)/Asst. Professor (Grade- III)

Amity School of Business
  • Experience

    01 Apr 2002 - Present
    Dy. Director (Academics)/Asst. Professor (Grade- III),
    Amity School of Business

  • Current Courses Taught

    Business Strategy

    Marketing of Services

  • Publications

    The New CSR Regualtion in India: The Way Forward ,
    Procedia Economics and Finance

    Baby Care in India: Heap of Opportunities and Challenges ,
    Abhinav, International Monthly Refereed Journal of Research in Management & Technology

    Iconic Brands: Brands which survive ,
    Abhinav Journal of Research in Commerce and Management

    Challenges and Opportunities of Inclusive Growth in India ,

    Awareness and Perception of Organic Baby Food among Women ,

    Winning through Brand Extensions in the Indian Market ,

    Cure and Care in Turbulence ,

    Teaching a Professional Management course at Undergraduate level: Problems, Implications and Methods

    Generating Wealth from Health: Health Tourism Opportunities, Challenges and Strategies for Indian Market

    The Boxer Store: Boxing the Underclothes Challenge ,

    Peebuddy: Using Social Media Buddies to break barriers ,

    Support of Reference Groups in Parent's choice of Baby Food: An Indian Pespective ,
    Trans Asian Research Journals

    Dare to defy the Challenges of Online Business ,

    Taming Consumer Resistance for Taboo Products: The Case of PeeBuddy ,

    Open Source Software: A Road to Salvation for SMEs ,

    Role of Employee engagement in reducing workplace deviance ,