Dr Tanuj Mathur

Assistant Professor 2

Amity Business School, Lucknow
  • Experience

    10 Jul 2017 - Present
    Assistant Professor 2,
    Amity Business School, Lucknow

  • Current Courses Taught

    Communication Skills - I

    Industrial Marketing

    Marketing Analytics

    Marketing Management

    Office Management with MS Word and MS Excel

    Service Marketing

    Summer Internship

  • Publications

    Sub-regional Cooperation for the Development of Landlocked Peripheral Areas: The Case of BCIM ,
    South Asian Survey (Sage Publication)

    Performance Appraisal of Indian Non-Life Insurance Companies: A DEA Approach ,
    Universal Journal of Management(Horizon Publication)

    Understanding perception and factors influencing private voluntary health insurance policy subscription in the Lucknow region ,
    International journal of Health Policy and Management (Kerman University Iran)

    Reading Perception of the Insured and the Uninsured and Assessment of Factors Influencing Health Insurance Policy Subscription in the Lucknow Region ,

    Market Integration and Price Leadership in India’s Onion Market ,

    Economic efficiency and its effect on cost: a case study of organic pineapple in India’s northeast ,

    Linking ‘Satisfaction’ to ‘Intentionto-Sell’ and ‘Sales Performance’ of Individual Agents in Health Insurance Market: An Empirical Evidence from India ,
    Taylor and Francis

    Convenience, Satisfaction and PostPurchase Behavior in India’s Health Insurance Market ,
    Taylor and Francis

    Examining the influence of health insurance literacy and perception on the people preference to purchase private voluntary health insurance ,
    Sage Publication