Dr Seema Bhatnagar


Amity Institute of Biotechnology
  • Teaching Interests

    Bioorganic and Medicinal chemistry Bioanalytical techniques
  • Qualifications

    Graduation : B.Sc.(CBZ)-1992,Lucknow University

    Post Graduation : M.Sc(Organic Chemistry)-1994,Lucknow University

    Doctorate : Ph.D.(Chemistry)-1998,central drug resaerch institute

  • Experience

    01 Aug 2005 - Present
    Amity Institute of Biotechnology

  • Current Courses Taught

    Basic Bioanalytical Techniques

    Biomedical Techniques and Instrumentation

  • Research Interests

    Small Molecule Drug Discovery AnticancerAgents
  • Publications

    Antimicrobial properties of Indian medicinal plants and their effect in attenuating fungal virulence: a herbal approach ,
    International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Allied Sciences

    Activity of Myristica fragrans and its novel effect against filamentous and non-filamentous fungus ,
    Inter. Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmaceutics

    Docking and cytotoxicity studies of 2-vinylchromone derivatives on human breast cancer cell lines ,
    International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

    In search of new chemical entities with spermicidal and anti HIV activities ,

    A facile acid catalyzed ring .transformation of 4H-pyrans to 1,2,3,4-tetrahydropyridin-2-ones and 3,4 dihydronaphtho [1,2-b]-pyran-2[H]-ones ,
    Indian Journal of Chemistry

    Reactions of cyclohexanone with arylidene malononitriles: A reinvestigation ,
    Indian Journal of Chemistry

    Syntheses and Biological evaluation of 3-substituted amino-1-aryl-6-hydroxy-hex-2-ene-1-one as antioxidant and Hypolipidemic agents ,

    Search for new chemical entities as menses inducing agents. ,

    Synthesis and docking studies on styryl chromones exhibiting cytotoxicity in human breast cancer cell line ,

    Novel effect of Myristica fragrance on melanisation and conidiation of Aspergillus niger. ,
    American Journal of drug discovery and Reaserch

    Stereoselective brominations of 2-vinyl chromones using NBS, Synthetic Communications ,
    Synthetic communication

    In Vitro Antioxidant Activity of Biphenyl-2,6-diethanone Derivatives

    In Vitro Antioxidant Activity of Biphenyl-2,6-diethanone Derivatives ,

    Antifungal Activity of Biphenyl-2,6-diethanone derivatives

    Nonsteroidal estrogen receptor isoform-selective biphenyls ,

  • Projects

    Development of Novel Curcumin-Folate Drug conjugates for targeted delivery of Drug and Curcumin toge(ICMR)
    Traditional cancer therapies are unable to target 0.1-3% cancer progenitor cells that have been implicated in drug resistance, tumor recurrence and metastasis which are major obstacles in cancer treatment leading to widespread mortality The present project has been designed to develop a non-toxic triple conjugate comprising curcumin-Folic acid and an anticancer drug which will specifically be taken up by cancer and cancer stem cells via receptor mediated internalization due to overexpression ofby (ICMR)

  • Patents

    A process for the preparation of 1-aryl-6-halo-3-hydroxy-hex-2-ene-1-ones useful as intermediates for preparation of therapeutic agents ,Delhi,India - Complete ( 191519 )

    A process for the preparation of 1-aryl-3-aminoalkyl (N,N-disubstitutedaminohex-2-ene-1-ones-6-hydroxy useful as therapeutic agents ,Delhi,India - Complete ( 191084 )

    A process for the preparation of 1-substituted-aminohex-2-ene-1-one-6-hydroxy useful as therapeutic agents ,Delhi,India - Complete ( 190789 )

    A process for the simultaneous preparation of 3-(2-morpholin-4-yl) ethyl amino-1-aryl -hex-2-ene-1-one-6 hydroxy and 2-(1-(2-morpholin-4-yl) ethyl)- pyrrolidin-2-yl) -1- aryl -1-oxo-ethylidene useful ,Delhi,India - Complete ( 190787 )

    A process for the synthesis of Z-3- halo-2- styryl/vinyl chromones as therapeutic agents ,Delhi,India - Complete ( 538/DEL/2009 )

    A process for the synthesis of E-3- halo-2- styryl/vinyl chromones as therapeuticagents ,Delhi,India - Complete ( 674/DEL/2009 )

    Styryl chromones as selective estrogen receptor modulators ,Delhi,India - Complete ( 993/DEL/2009 )

    A process for the preparation of 3-substituted-2-(phenyl ethyl) chromones ,Delhi,India - Complete ( 768/DEL/2009 )

    Novel effect of spices on demelanization of pathogenic fungus ,Delhi,India - Complete ( 1627/DEL/2011 )

    Novel effect of medicinal plant as antifungals leading to reduced pathogenicity ,Delhi,India - Complete ( 1625/DEL/2011 )

    Novel effect of citrus plant as antifungal leading to reduced pathogenicity ,Delhi,India - Complete ( 1626/DEL/2011 )

    Novel bioactive extract of orange peel exhibiting bactericidal/bacteriostatic activity against Micrococcus species ,Delhi,India - Complete ( 2473/DEL/2011 )

    Novel composition of natural extracts as disinfectant, air purifier and hand sanitizer ,Delhi,India - Complete ( 2471/DEL/2011 )

    Herbal formulation effective against Acne vulgaris ,Delhi,India - Complete ( 2590/DEL/2011 )

    A method of preparation of disinfectant, air purifier and hand sanitizer using combination of plant extracts ,Delhi,India - Complete ( 2740/DEL/2011 )

    A novel bioactive extract for prevention/ treatment of acne ,Delhi,India - Complete ( 2909/DEL/2011 )

    Novel Bioactive extract of ratanjot to inhibit/Decrease the melanin production in melanocytes ,Delhi,India - Complete ( 2472/DEL/2011 )

    Diacetyl biphenyl analogs, their derivatives and salts thereof as anti cancer agents. ,Delhi,India - Complete ( 3126/DEL/2012 )

    A bioconjugate of Drug for treatment of cancer and cancer stem cell ,Delhi,India - Provisional ( 1376/DEL/2015 )

    Biphenyl analogs and their derivatives as antifungal agents ,Delhi,India - Provisional ( 1385/DEL/2015 )

    Biphenyl-2,6-diethanone analogs and their derivatives as antifungal agent ,new delhi,India - Complete ( 1673/DEL/2015 )

    Isoxazoyl styrylchromones as selective estrogen receptor modulators. ,New delhi,India - Complete ( 978/DEL/2015 )

    A method for the synthesis of 3-aminoalkyl-2-styrylchromone derivatives for anticancer and antioxidant activit ,New delhi,India - Complete ( 979/DEL/2015 )

  • Conferences attended

    International Symposium on Introduction to clinical Research and Pharmacovigilance
    Organized By :amity University

    Computer aided Drug and Biologics discovery
    Organized By :Schrodinger

    Indo-UK symposium on Stem cell cancer and drug discovery
    Organized By :University of Dundee and Amity University

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