Dr Archana Sharma

Associate Professor

Amity Institute of Pharmacy
  • Academic Area

    Chemistry for Life Sciences

  • Teaching Interests

    Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Analytical cxhemistry, Modern Analytical Techniques, Advance organic Chemistry, Green Chemistry, Biochemistry etc.
  • Qualifications

    Graduation : B.Sc.(Zoology, Botany, Chemestry)-1983,P.P.N.Degree College, Kanpur

    Graduation : B.Ed(Gen. Science, Chemistry)-1988,A.N.D.M.M.Degree college, Kanpur

    Post Graduation : M.Sc.(Chemistry)-1986,D.G.College, Kanpur

    Doctorate : Ph.D(Chemistry)-1995,Kanpur University

  • Experience

    06 Aug 2007 - Present
    Associate Professor,
    Amity Institute of Pharmacy

    06 Aug 2007 - 12 Jul 2012
    Amity univ,

    01 Nov 2004 - 28 Jun 2007
    Scientist-Quality Control,
    EssCee Biotech Pvt. Ltd.,

    01 Dec 1993 - 28 Apr 1996
    Ecomen LAb. Pvt. Ltd.,Lucknow,

  • Current Courses Taught

    Pharmaceutical Analysis I – Theory

    Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry – Practical

    Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry – Theory

    Remedial Biology – Theory

  • Research Interests

    Natural extractions & Synthetic Chemistry
  • Publications

    Drugs for AIDS ,
    Med Chem

    LNA-A new approach for Cancer Research ,

    Black Seed,An essential life saver ,

    Production of Xylitol by catalytic Hydrogenation of Xylose ,
    Pharma Innovation

    Endorphin-A natural pain killer ,
    World journal of pharmacy & pharmaceutical Sciences

    Noscapine-An Anti Mitotic Agent ,
    World Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

    Locked nucleic acid-A cancer therapeutic agent.

    Health benefits of Phytoestrogen

    Dapagliflozin-ASGLT2inhibitor:A new road to andiabetic treatment

    Soybean seeds-An approach to treatment of breast cancer

    Endorphins:Endogenous opioid in human cells

    Phyestrogen "Genistein":Its extraction & isolation from soybean seeds

    • Synthetic and Computational Sulphonamide derivatives asAntiepileptics:Recent develpoments

    • Synthetic and Computational Sulphonamide derivatives asAntiepileptics:Recent develpoments,

    • Derivatives of Phytoestrogen Genistein : An approach to Cancer Treatment

    • Synthetic and Computational Sulphonamide derivatives as Antiepileptics:Recent develpoments,

    • Derivatives of Phytoestrogen Genistein : An approach to Cancer Treatment

  • Affiliations

    Uttar Pradesh Scientific Council Since 10 Oct 2008

    SPER Since 20 Aug 2014

  • Conferences attended

    Role of GCMS
    Organized By :Jamia Hamdard University,Delhi

    Indo German Workshop
    Organized By :AUUP

    Pharma Convention
    Organized By :DIPSAR

    Recent advances in cardiovascular research
    Organized By :AIP,AUUP

    Organized By :Indian Stevia Forum

    Pollution, Prevention & Paradigm
    Organized By :AUUP

    Advanced Analytical Techniques in Research & Development.
    Organized By :AUUP,Noida

    Nano & Pico Pharmaceuticals & Invivgensome
    Organized By :AUUP,Noida

    Advances in computer aided drug design & discovery
    Organized By :Ram-eesh institute of vocational and technical education, greater noida,India

    Use of animals & alternatives in biomedical research…
    Organized By :Amity Institute of Pharmacy

    Adverse Drug Reaction Monitoring & Parmacovigilane”
    Organized By :Vardaan Welfare Society & Indian Pharmacopeial Commission at ALT Centre Ghaziabad

    65 IPC
    Organized By :IPGA & AIP

    Regulatory and Quality Aspects of Herbal Drugs and Batanicals
    Organized By :Jamia Hamdard

    Male Reproductive Health
    Organized By :AIP

    Organized By :Amity institute of Pharmacy

    Recent Advances in Central nervous system Drug Discovery
    Organized By :Ram-meesh Institute of vocatiuonal & technical educationb

    National pharma convention
    Organized By :Hospital Pharmacist's Association

    nurturing global healthcare
    Organized By :AIP,AUUP,Noida

    PAT and QbD-The Enablers of pharmaceutical quality
    Organized By :Jamia Hamdard

    Quality Assurance”
    Organized By :Jamia hamdard

  • Short Description

    Myself Dr. Archana Sharma, joined Amity university Uttar pradesh in 2007. I have completed my Ph.D. in 1993 from Biochemical engg. & food technology deptt. H.B.T.I., Kanpur. I have 12 yrs. Industry experience as Scientist & Quality control officer, and 8.5 yrs. academic experience after Ph.D.