Dr Prashant Shukla

Asst. Professor (Grade III)

Amity Institute of Advanced Research & Studies (Materials & Devices)
  • Academic Area

    Solar and Alternative Energy

  • Teaching Interests

    Solar and Alternative Energy Core Theory Courses and Practicals for B.Tech. and M.Tech. Students.
  • Qualifications

    Graduation : B.Sc(PCM)-2001,Dayalbagh Educational Institute

    Graduation : B.Sc(Physics (Hons))-2002,Dayalbagh Educational Institute

    Post Graduation : M.Sc(Physics, Electronics)-2004,Dayalbagh Educational Institute

    Doctorate : Ph.D.(Physics)-2012,Gautam Buddh Technical University

  • Experience

    26 May 2009 - Present
    Asst. Professor (Grade III),
    Amity Institute of Advanced Research & Studies (Materials & Devices)

  • Research Interests

    Polymer Nano-composites for toxic gas sensing applications, Polymeric Electrets, Electro-active Polymers and their transport properties. CNT based sensors and sustainable energy storage devices.
  • Publications

    Effect of magnetic field on electrical properties of nanocrystalline poly (vinylidene fluoride) samples ,

    Investigation of electrical conduction mechanism in double-layered polymeric system ,

    Short Circuit Depolarization Current Study in Polyvinylidenefluoride-Polymethylmethacrylate Double-Layered Sample ,
    Taylor & Francis

    UV-VIS Absorption and Thermally Stimulated Discharge Current Spectra in Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) Electrets ,
    Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute

    Investigation of Hetero and Homo Charge in Pristine and Iodine Doped Polymethylmethacrylate Samples ,
    Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute

    Thermally Stimulated Depolarization Current and Dielectric Relaxation Spectroscopy in Poly (vinylidenefluoride) foil samples ,
    Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute

    Relaxation Investigations in Polysulfone: Thermally stimulated discharge current and dielectric spectroscopy ,

    New Approach for the measurement of Glass Transition Temperature of a Polymer; M.S. Gaur ,
    Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Physics

    Thermally Stimulated Discharge Current and Fractional Polarization studies in Polyimide (Kapton-H) samples ,
    Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Physics

    Effect of Humidity in Ethyl –Cellulose (EC) Thermoelectret ,
    Chilean Chemical Society

    Thermally Stimulated Current Analysis in Human Blood ,
    Society for Biomaterials and Artificial Organs

    Electrostatically Functionalized Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube/ PMMA Composite Thin Films For Organic Vapour Detection ,
    Taylor & Francis

    Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes Reinforced Portland Cement Composites for Smoke Detection ,
    Trans Tech Publishers

    Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes Reinforced Cement Composite Based Room Temperature Sensor for Smoke Detection ,
    International Frequency Sensor Association

    In-Situ Decoration of Electrostatically Functionalized Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes with ß-Ni(OH)2 Nanoparticles for Low Temperature NO2 Detection ,
    International Frequency Sensor Association

    A Novel Low Cost Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Sensor Based on Activated Carbon for Room Temperature Sensing Application ,

    Ultrafast thermal charging of inorganic nano-phase change material composites for solar thermal energy storage ,
    Royal Society of Chemistry

    Development of sunlight-driven eutectic phase change material nanocomposite for applications in solar water heating ,

  • Projects

    Multiwalled carbon nanotubes /cement composite based room temperature sensor for smoke detection(No)
    Smoke sensing properties of multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs)/cement composites will be explored to fabricate devices for smoke detection. by (DST)

    Study of toxic fumes & development of Carbon Nanotubes based sensing Device(CIMFR Dhanbad)
    To study the toxic gases produced during rock blasting in surface as well underground mines and establish its safe limit concentration with respect to time.by (Ministry Of Mines)

    4. Portable Room Temperature Battery Operated LPG Leakage Sensor with Wireless Alarm and SMS Facilit(NIL)
    Portable Room Temperature Battery Operated LPG Leakage Sensor with Wireless Alarm and SMS Facility by (DST)

  • Consultancies

    Portable Room Temperature Battery Operated LPG Leakage Sensor with Wireless Alarm and SMS Facility(NIL)
    Portable Room Temperature Battery Operated LPG Leakage Sensor with Wireless Alarm and SMS Facilityby (Realty Automation and Securities Pvt. Ltd., Pune)

  • Affiliations

    NA Since 31 Dec 2015

  • Activities


  • Patents

    Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube/Cement Composites based Sensors for Smoke Detection. ,Noida,India - Complete ( 2688/DEL/2009 )

    A Novel Room Temperature, Low Cost, Alarm Based LPG Sensor ,Noida,India - Complete ( 3358/DEL/2011 )

    Sensor for LPG and CO detection at room temperature and method for preparation thereof ,Noida,India - Complete ( 748/DEL/2012 )

    A method for preparation of paper battery using graphene and silver nano composite ,Noida,India - Complete ( 3268/DEL/2012 )

    Power generation based on optically excited plasmons suspended in water using re-chargeable paper battery ,Noida,India - Complete ( 492/DEL/2013 )

    Nano-Cellulose – Nano-/Micro- Graphite Flakes Embedded In Organic/Hydrated Inorganic Salt as PCM Composite for Solar Thermal Energy Storage Applications ,Noida,India - Complete ( 3023/DEL/2014 )

    Low cost modified texturized silicon based gas sensors for room temperature sensing application ,Noida,India - Complete ( 2565/DEL/2015 )

    Ultrafast solar rechargeable hand glove comprising nanoparticle enhanced eutectic gel based PCM. ,Noida,India - Complete ( 3660/DEL/2015 )

    Effective Thermal Coolong Layer for Solar Cells/Panels. ,Noida,India - Complete ( 3659/DEL/2015 )

    Design and fabrication of instant solar thermal water heating system based on phase change material –nanocomposite ,Noida,India - Complete ( 2394/DEL/2015 )

    Rechargeable Solid State Battery Based On Cement Nanocomposites ,Noida,India - Provisional ( 201711014583 )

  • Conferences attended

    International Conference on Microelectromechanical systems and Semiconductor Nanotechnology
    Organized By :IIT Kharagpur

    Indo-Chinese Workshop on MEMS Devices and Related Technology
    Organized By :NPL

    National Conference on Multifunctional Nanomaterials, Nanostructures and Applications
    Organized By :Delhi University

    International Asian Thermo physical Properties Conference
    Organized By :Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan

    52nd DAE Solid State Physics Symposium
    Organized By :Mysore University

    Polychar 16-World Forum on Advanced Materials
    Organized By :University of Lucknow

    13th International Symposium of Electrets
    Organized By :Electret Society

    XVth International Workshop on the Physics of Semiconductor Devices
    Organized By :Jamia University & SSPL

    XVIIth International Workshop on the Physics of Semiconductor Devices
    Organized By :Amity University

    International Conference on Recent Trends in Materials and Devices
    Organized By :AIARS (M&D)

  • Short Description

    I did my B.Sc. Honors in Physics and M.Sc. with specialization in Electronics from Dayalbagh Educational Institute, Dayalbagh, Agra (U.P.). I did my doctorate degree from Uttar Pradesh Technical University, Lucknow with more than 10 publications in reputed national and international refereed journals and several contributory papers in national and international conferences and seminars