Dr Dheeraj Nagpal

Asst. Professor (Grade-III)

Amity Institute of Pharmacy
  • Qualifications

    Graduation : B.Pharm.(-)-2002,Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi

    Post Graduation : M.Pharm.(-)-2005,Jamia Hamdard

    Doctorate : Ph.D.(Pharmaceutical Science)-2017,Amity University

  • Experience

    01 Jun 2009 - Present
    Asst. Professor (Grade-III),
    Amity Institute of Pharmacy

  • Current Courses Taught

    Pharmaceutics I – Practical

    Pharmaceutics I – Theory

  • Publications

    Liposomal Formulation of Curcumin attenuates seizures in different experimental models of epilepsy in mice ,
    Wiley Blackwell

    taste masking recent technologies ,

    Formulation and optimization of Famotidine floating tablets using 2 factorial design ,

    Study of Effect of Super Disintegrants on Formulation of Metronidazole Mouth Dissolving Tablets ,
    Int. J.Pharmaceutical Sceincereview research

    Healing Ulcers with medicinal herbs ,

    Characterization of a Prepared Poly-Herbal Formulation and ,
    European Journal of Biological Sciences

    Formulation and Evaluation of Transdermal Patches of an Anti anxiety Drug ,
    Abhi Publications

    Needle free injection technology: A complete insight ,
    Medknow Publications

    A Concise Understanding of Pharmaceutical Excipients ,
    Human Journal

  • Patents

    Formulation and evaluation of Transdermal Patch for Sildenafil tartrate ,New Delhi,India - Provisional ( Provisional filing )

    Gossypin Liposomes for teatment of Epilepsy ,New Delhi,India - Complete ( Complete after Provisional filing )

    A Synergistic Herbal Dietary Health Supplements ,New Delhi,India - Provisional ( Provisional filing )

  • Conferences attended

    Recent Advances in Pharmacotherapy of cardiovascular diseases, DIPSAR New Delhi.
    Organized By :DIPSAR New Delhi.

    Futuristic Approach in Pharma education and research
    Organized By :H.R Institute, Ghaziabad

    Current status of Pharma education in India
    Organized By :KIET Ghaziabad

    Pharmacy and drug therapy
    Organized By :MSIP, Delhi

    Trends in Pharmaceutical industry
    Organized By :MITCON Pune

    WHO Aspects
    Organized By :Jamia Hamdard

    Organized By :KC Group of Instituions

    International Conference on Male Reproductive Health
    Organized By :Amity University

    New Horizons in Pharmacy and Pharmacology
    Organized By :GLA University

    Recent Advances In Cardiovascular Sciences
    Organized By :DIPSAR, New Delhi

    Indo-Us International Congress-cum -workshop on IPR
    Organized By :Amity University