Dr Bhawna Rathi

Asst. Professor (Grade - II)

Amity Institute of Biotechnology
  • Qualifications

    Graduation : B.Sc.(Zoology, Botany, Chemistry)-2002,CCS University

    Post Graduation : M.Sc.(Bioinformatics)-2004,CCS University

    Doctorate : Ph.D.(Bioinformatics)-2012,UP Tech University

  • Experience

    08 Mar 2010 - Present
    Asst. Professor (Grade - II),
    Amity Institute of Biotechnology

  • Current Courses Taught

    Basic Bioinformatics

    Basics of Immunoinformatics

    Bioinformatics and Computational Biology


    Molecular Phylogeny

    Research Techniques in Biosciences and Biotechnology

  • Publications

    Prediction of 3-dimensional structure of ORF3 protein of genotype 1 hepatitis E virus ,

    Genome Subtraction for novel drug definition for Salmonella typhi ,
    Pubmed central

    CD4+ T cell epitope mapping and HLA coverage analysis for proteins of human hepatitis E virus ,
    International Journal of Integrative biology

    Mining the proteome of Haemophilus ducreyi for identification of potential drug targets. ,
    Open Bioinformatics Journal

    Function assignment to Influenza B virus proteins using Support Vector Machine- A clue for vaccine development ,
    The Internet Journal of Genomics and Proteomics

  • Projects

    Association and polymorphism of HLA - II in rheumatic heart disease patients of North East India (Assam medical college )
    North East twinning project by (DBT )

  • Activities

    Received young scientist travel award from DST, DBT to present my work as an invited speaker at Philadelphia, USA

  • Conferences attended

    Vaccine & vaccination
    Organized By :Omics research group

    Plant biotechnology, molecular medicine and human health
    Organized By :Delhi University

    Interdisciplinary approach to bioscience research
    Organized By :Amity Institute of Biotechnology

    Innovation and commercialization of technologies in life sciences : pathway from idea to market
    Organized By :Amity Institute of Biotechnology

    Organized By :Teri University

    Molecular modelling drug and biologics design
    Organized By :Amity Institute of Biotechnology