Dr Alka Mudgal

Head / Professor

Amity Institute of Education
  • Teaching Interests

    Curriculum Development
  • Qualifications

    Graduation : B.Sc. ((Science ) (Chemistry))-1990,Delhi University

    Graduation : B.Ed (Education)-1993,Jamia Milia Islamia

    Post Graduation : M.Sc (Chemistry)-1992,Jamia Milia Islamia

    Post Graduation : M.Ed (Education)-1994,Jamia Milia Islamia

    Doctorate : Ph.D ((Education))-2006,M.J.P. Rohailkhand University

  • Experience

    25 Sep 2006 - Present
    Head / Professor,
    Amity Institute of Education

  • Current Courses Taught

    Basic Research in Education

    Basics of Social Science in Education

    Ethical and Spiritual Development of Teachers-I

    Internship in School and Teacher Education Institutions

    Research Methodology-education

    Teacher Education-II

  • Research Interests

    Science Education Curriculum Development
  • Publications

    The Effectiveness of Value Based Co-Curricular Activities on Nurturing Human Values in Student Teachers ,

    Distance Education ,
    Vikas Publication

    Vikas Publisher

    Use of ICT in Education ,
    Trivedi memorial society

    Intellectually Gifted and Academically Gifted Adolescents : A Study ,

    • A Comparative Study of Anxiety, Depression and Stress among Medical and Engineering Students ,

    • Achieving Quality in Science Teaching at School Level, How and Why? ,

    Teacher Education in 21st Century ,
    New Delhi Publishers

    A study of Implementation and challenges of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation as mentioned in Right to Education Act, 2009 among Municipal Corporation Primary School Teachers of Delhi. ,
    Amitesh Publishers & Co. , Maharashtra

    A comparative study of anxiety, depression and stress among medical and engineering students ,
    International journal of scientific research

    Effect of emotional intelligence: Academic Achievement & higher secondary stduents ,
    Asian Journal of research in social sciences and humanities

    Reflective Teacher: An Anlaysis ,
    Bharti Publications, New Delhi

  • Projects

    Critical Reflections on the Ancient Indian Schools of Philosophy ( Vedanta, Samkhya Yoga, Jainism an(icpr)

  • Conferences attended

    E-Learning in Teacher Education
    Organized By :Central Institute of Education

    Environmental Ethics Education
    Organized By :BHU

    Effects of present Environment on Adolescents: What to do?
    Organized By :AIE, Delhi

    Nurturing Responsible Adolescents
    Organized By :AIE, Delhi

    Virtual Learning
    Organized By :Lucknow University

    Development of Tools in Educational Research
    Organized By :IP University

    Role of PPP in Acieving Higher Education
    Organized By :Post Graduate Govenment College Sec-11 , Chandigarh

    Creating Constructivst Learning Environment by using ICT
    Organized By :INMANTEC Institutions

    How to conduct Qualitative Research In Education
    Organized By :Lucknow University

    Organized By :New Era College of Science and Teachnology

    Environment Education: Need & Importance in present Era
    Organized By :IATE and Hindu College

    Challenges and Demands Posed on Teachers of Next Generation
    Organized By :Chet Ram Sharma College of Education

    Quality Concerns in Education
    Organized By :Lucknow University

    Excellence in Teacher Education
    Organized By :Rohailkhand University

    Environment Education: A Pledge to save the Earth
    Organized By :Dayalbagh Educational Institute

    Implementation Training Course ISO 9001:2004
    Organized By :QAE,AUUP

    Quality in Higher Education : Identifying , Developing and Sustaining Best Practices
    Organized By :AIE, Saket

    Continuous ,Comprehensive Evaluation and grading System
    Organized By :Faculty Of Education , Dayalbagh University, Agra and National Testing Service ,CIIL,MHRD,Govt of India ,Mysore

    The changing Contours of Indian Education- Issues and Cahllenges
    Organized By :Department of Education, Shyama Prasad Mukherji College for Women- Delhi University

    Development and Management of the National Repository of Open Educational Resources (NROER)
    Organized By :CIET,NCERT and AIE,AUUP

    “Education for a Changing World- Challenges for teachers & teacher Educators”
    Organized By :DIET - MotiBagh

    Communication Strategies for sCIENCE gOVERNANCE

    India’s Scientific Wisdom : Emerging Worldview (ICISW-2016)
    Organized By :(ICISW-2016)Feb 27-28th ,2016

    Communication Strategies for Science Communication(ISCC-2014)
    Organized By :ISWA

    • Development of e-content – Video Recording , Content / Language Editing of Modules of e- PG – Path
    Organized By :CIET,NCERT

    Peace and Value Education in Global Perspective
    Organized By :GGSIP University

    Dialectics of Education: Comparative Perspectives
    Organized By :World Congress of Comparative Education Societies9WCCES)

  • Short Description

    Science Education and Teacher Education