Dr Susmita Shukla

Associate Professor

Amity Institute of Biotechnology
  • Academic Area

    Plant Biotechnology

  • Teaching Interests

    My teaching experience is more than Eleven years. My Teaching interest is on Plant Biotechnology,Advanced Plant Biotechnology,Biotechnology for Horticultural crops,Plant Physiology, Environmental Biotechnology etc
  • Qualifications

    Graduation : BSc(Biology)-1997,Govt.Girls degree collage

    Doctorate : Ph.D.(Biotechnology)-2009,School of Life Sciences

    Post Doctorate : M.Sc.(Biotechnology)-1999,School of biotechnology

  • Experience

    14 Jul 2010 - Present
    Associate Professor,
    Amity Institute of Biotechnology

    01 May 2006 - 01 Nov 2007
    Biotech Consortium India Ltd. ,
    New Delhi

    10 Jul 2006 - 24 Oct 2006
    Dept. of Biochemistry and Centre for Genetic Diseases and Molecular Biolog. Pt. JNM Medical College,,
    Pt.JNM Medical College, Raipur (C.G)

    27 May 2001 - 27 May 2005
    Lecturer (Regular),
    School of Biotechnology , GG University Bilaspur,

    01 Apr 1999 - 25 May 2001
    Lecturer (Part Time),
    SLT Institute of Pharmecy lal Science,
    GG University, Bilaspur

  • Current Courses Taught

    Agricultural Marketing System

    Biotechnology for Horticultural Crops

    IPR and Bioethics

    Plants for Human Health

    Regulatory Affairs, Biosafety Regulations, IPR and Technology Transfer

  • Research Interests

    My Research area is Plant Biotechnology mainly covers Micropropagation or Clonal propagation of elite medicinal, endangered and economical important plants for mass multiplication, Raising hybrid variety of economical important crops through tissue culture techniques, Isolation, enhancement and characterization of biochemical compounds of medicinal plants, High yield production of secondary metabolites from plants for commercialization.
  • Publications

    In vitro plant regeneration from seedling explants of Stereospermum personatum D.C.: a medicinal tree ,

    Callus Induction of Michelia champaca L. through petiole - An aromatic tree of high economic value ,
    International Journal of Enhanced Research in Science Technology & Engineering,

    Influence of subculturing on in vitro proliferation of Dioscorea hispida: source of many dietary minerals ,

    Adjuvants and their influence on In vitro propagation of Dioscorea hispida – an important tuber crop ,

    In vitro regeneration of multipurpose medicinal tree Stereospermum suaveolens – Factors controlling the in vitro regeneration ,

    In vitro regeneration of multipurpose medicinal tree Stereospermum suaveolens – Factors controlling the in vitro regeneration ,

    Micropropagation of Pueraria tuberosa (Roxb. Ex Willd.) via nodal explants derived from in vitro germinated seedlings ,

    Micropropagation of Stereospermum suaveolens D.C. – A valuable medicinal tree in Ayurveda ,

    “In vitro regeneration of Dioscorea hispida through nodal explants – a rich source of starch” ,

    A review on the scope for increasing in vitro production of Pomegranate (Punica granatum L) cultivars and its application in the Human Health sector with emphasis on the Indian Industry ,
    International Knowledge Press

    Callus induction of Adenium obesum through leaf explant – an ornamental tree of medicinal value ,
    serial publication groups

    Influence of Subculturing on Calotropis procera (Willd.) R. Br. for Enhanced Shoot Proliferation: An in vitro Source of Secondary Metabolites ,
    © Serials Publications Pvt. Ltd

    Embryo Rescue Technology: An approach for varietal development and in vitro germplasm conservation ,

    “Influence of Subculturing on Calotropis procera (Willd.) R. Br. for Enhanced Shoot Proliferation: An in vitro Source of Secondary Metabolites” ,

    Olea europaea L.: A Multipurpose Tree And Solutions To Meet Demand ,

  • Projects

    "Embryo rescue as an aid to raise interspecific hybrids of Vigna species"(Amity Institute of Biotechnology)
    Raising interspecific hybridsby (DBT)

    In vitro mass multiplication and conservation of some endangered Citrus species of NEH region of Ind(NEH Institutes)
    Mega Project of 1.2 crore jointly with Important Institutes and Universities of NEHby (Department of Biotechnology)

  • Activities

    1.M.Sc Merit certificate 2. Qualified SLET accredited by UGC 3.Received prestigious award for faculty IASc-INSA-NASI fellowship 4.Received Career advancement award under BioCARe Scheme of DBT(Department of Biotechnology, Gov. of India)

    • Best Young Scientist Award (2016) on IJTA 3rd International Conference on Agriculture, Horticulture & Plant Sciences

    Received Scientist of the year Award (2017) for paper presentation on 5th International Conference on Agriculture, Horticulture & Plant Sciences, Rishikesh (U.K) India

    • Certificate of Appreciation from Biotech Consortium India Limited, New Delhi for Successfully Organizing Training Program on Virus Indexing and Genetic Fidelity of Tissue Culture Plants for African Candidates, 3oth October to 3rd November, 2017

    • Best Paper Presentation Award(Oral Categories) certificate for presenting research work in an International Conference on Recent Trends in Agriculture, Food Science, Forestry, Horticulture,Aquaculture,Animal Sciences, Biodiversity,Ecological Sciences and Climate Change(AFHABEC – 2018) organized by Krishi Sanskriti, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, 10th February 2018

    • Received “Bharat Ratna Dr Abdulkalam gold Medal Award” for Individual Achievement And National Economic Growth by Global Economic Progress & Research Associaton, New Delhi, 27th October 2018

    • Certificate of Appreciation for organizing sectoral session: Innovation and Entrepreneurial Ventures in Biotechnology and Life Sciences- Challenges and Opportunities as Faculty Coordinator during the 2nd International conference on Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Leadership (ICEIL-2018),19th -21st December 2018

    • Outstanding Scientist Award in International Conference organized by the Society of Tropical Agriculture at Dharmshala(H.P)India,27-28 June 2019

  • Patents

    Novel medium for enhanced in vitro shoot proliferation of Stereospermum suoveolens ,Noida,India - Complete ( 368/DEL/2014 )

  • Conferences attended

    Biosafety and Regulatory Affairs on GMOs and GE Plants
    Organized By :Amity Institute of Biotechnology

  • Short Description

    PhD and M.Sc in Biotechnology, approx. 11 years of teaching and research experience, excellent academic record through-out first class, Qualified MP SLET (accredited by UGC) and publications in reputed international and national journals. Recipient of IASc-INSA-NASI summer research fellowship, Career advancement award under BioCARe scheme by DBT (Department of Biotechnology, Gov.of India),DBT travel grant for participating in International conference at Singapore by DBT(Department of Biotechnology, Gov.of India).