Dr Shikha Baghel Chauhan

Asst. Professor (Grade-III)

Amity Institute of Pharmacy
  • Qualifications

    Graduation : B.PHARM-2004,DIPSAR

    Graduation : B.Pharm(Pharmacy)-2004,Delhi University

    Post Graduation : M.Pharm(Pharmacy)-2006,Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi

    Doctorate : Ph.D.(Pharmaceutical sciences)-2019,Amity Institute of Pharmacy

  • Experience

    13 Sep 2010 - Present
    Asst. Professor (Grade-III),
    Amity Institute of Pharmacy

    01 Aug 2010 - 31 Aug 2010
    Asst. Professor,
    IIMT Group of Institutios,
    Greater Noida

    02 Apr 2010 - 31 Jul 2010
    Asst. Professor,
    Lloyd Group of Instutions,
    Greater Noida

    01 Jun 2006 - 01 Apr 2010
    Research Scientist,
    Promed Research Centre,
    261, Udyog Vihar Phase- IV, Gurgaon Haryana - 122001, India Phone: +91-124-4301264 / 64 / 65 Fax: +

  • Current Courses Taught

    Pharmaceutics I – Practical

    Regulatory Affair

  • Publications

    PEGylation – A Sunrising Technology ,
    Internationale pharmaceutica sciencia

    Possible involvement of nitric oxide mechanism in the protective effect of Melatonin against sciatic nerve ligation induced behavioral and biochemical alterations in rats ,
    International Journal of Drug Development & Research

    Effect of curcumin (Curcuma longa, Zingiberaceae) against sciatic nerve ligation induced behavioral and biochemical alterations ,

    Mouth Dissolving Tablets: An Over view of preparation techniques Evaluation and Patented technologie ,
    J. Pharm, Res

    Health Technology Assessment in India: Present status and future perspectives ,
    Journal of Advanced Pharmacy Education and Research

    Recent development in Penetration Enhancers and Techniques in Transdermal Drug Delivery System ,
    Journal of Advanced Pharmacy Education & Research

    Perspectives of Emergency Contraceptives in India ,
    J. Pharm. Sci. & Res

    Penetration Enhancement Techniques ,
    Journal of Applied Pharmacy

    Formulation and Development of Transdermal Drug delivery system of Ethinylestradiol and Medroxyprogesterone acetate for Antifertility Treatment, ,
    International Journal of ChemTech Research

    Overview and Evaluation of Antifertility Models, ,
    International Journal of ChemTech Research

    Mouth Dissolving Tablets : An Overview ,
    World Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

    Oral Contraceptives : An Overview ,
    World Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

    Formulation Development and Evaluation of Tadalafil Transdermal Patches Using Various Penetration Enhancers, ,
    International Jounral of Advanced Research

    Clinical trials of traditional herbal medicines in india: current status and challenges ,
    International Journal of Pharmacognosy

  • Affiliations

    Indian Pharmacy Graduate Association (IPGA) Since 01 Jun 2005

    Indian Pharmaceutical Association (IPA) Since 01 Jun 2004

  • Conferences attended

    Pharmaceutical Opportunities and Challenges of the New Decade
    Organized By :Annual Conference of IPGA

    Introduction to clinical Research and Pharmacovigilance
    Organized By :Amity University

    Advanced Analytical Techniques in Research and Development
    Organized By :Amity Institute of Applied Sciences

    Pollution Prevention and Paradigm
    Organized By :Amity Institute of Environmental Toxicology safety and Management

    Recent Advances in Natural products
    Organized By :Amity Institute of Natural products

    Role of GCMS, Flash chromatography, and HPTLC in Botanical Drug Development
    Organized By :Jamia Hamdard

    Organized By :Medanta Hospital

    Current status of Pharma Education in India
    Organized By :KIET School of Pharmacy

    Hosptial harmacist Association
    Organized By :IHPA

    Futuristic Trends in pharmacotherapy and Formulation Development
    Organized By :B.H.U

    Recent Advances in Cardiovascular Sciences and Translational Medicine
    Organized By :Amity Univeristy

    Pharmacist : Drug Discovery Research
    Organized By :IPC

    Organized By :IPC

    Conduct progress Monitoring and Assesment of NTCC for Academic Excellence
    Organized By :Academic Staff college

    Mentor- Mentee System
    Organized By :Academic Staff college

    Examination, Evalauation, Grading and Promotion
    Organized By :Academic Staff college

    Usage of Amizone
    Organized By :Academic Staff college

    Amity Academic Structure and Systems
    Organized By :Academic Staff college

    Nano-pico Pharmaceuticals and Invivgensome
    Organized By :Amity Institute of Nanotechnology

    “Use of Animals and Alternatives in Biomedical Research With Special reference to Drug Discovery and
    Organized By :Amity Institute of Pharmacy

    Influenza: An omnipresent Global health Threat
    Organized By :Amity Institute of virology

    Second International Conference of Pharmacoeconomics and Outcome research
    Organized By :ISPOR

    “Advances in Computer Aided Drug Design and Discovery
    Organized By :at Rameesh Institute of Vocational and technical Education, Greater Noida

    “Frontiers in Cancer Research: Prevention to Therapeutics
    Organized By :Amity Instute of Cancer Epedemiology and Research

    Indo-US International congress-Cum-Workshop on IPR
    Organized By :Amity Institue of Microbial Technology

    New Horizons in Pharmacy and Pharmacology
    Organized By :G.L.A University

    Symposium on contemporary Regulatory Scenario in pharmacovigilance(PV-2014)
    Organized By :Jamia Hamdard

    Instrumental Techniques in Food Analysis
    Organized By :Amity Academic Staff College

    Research Methodology
    Organized By :Amity Academic Staff College

    Handling and Disposal of Solid Lab Waste
    Organized By :Quality Assurance and Enhancement

    ANDROCON 2014
    Organized By :Amity Institue of Pharmacy

    Recent Trends in Pharma Industry
    Organized By :SPER-LPU